Shankar Sahney to ignite Alekh-Sadhna's love in Bidaai...

King of Bhangda ,Shankar Sahney for the first time is playing a cameo in Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai!Find about the role he plays right here at Telly Buzz...

Shankar Sahney, the King of Punjabi Pop and one of the best stage performers is all set to make his debut on television in Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai.. The singer who enthralled the audience with ‘Glassy’ will be seen playing a cameo role for a special Dhaba sequence.

Talking about his entry in Bidaai, Shankar says, “I play myself here and am entering as Shanker Sahney, the singer. I see the couple Alekh-Sadhana in the dhaba and on special request from everyone gathered there, I sing a song for them. The lyrics of the song I sing is apt for the situation as it means, ‘One does not come to know when he/she falls in love'".

When asked how he got an offer for this role, he replies, “I personally like this show a lot, and when the situation was explained to me that I will have to sing in the cameo, I readily accepted the offer. Well to be frank, I am quite comfortable doing this role as I can be myself”.

Speaking about the latest developments in the track of the show, Producer and Series Director Rajan Shahi says, "There will be a situation which will bring Alekh and Sadhna in one of the dabba in Punjab. Shankar is present in the dabba and sings a song for them. It is not any special occasion, just that the couple Alekh and Sadhana are together by themselves for the first time since their wedding. They slowly seem to be falling for each other, but that is all I can reveal right now."

Well, we just hope this special song coming from Shankar Sawney acts as a catalyst to the love story of Alekh-Sadhana!!!

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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Shankar ji is best...

15 years ago

that's good news... far-fetched, but good!

15 years ago

thanks .. but hw can alekh fall fr sadhana ? hes nt yet normal, right?

15 years ago

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