Sasural Genda Phool's first One Hour Special today..

Star Plus' widely watched Sasural Genda Phool will have its first one hour special episode tonight at 8 PM...

Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool will air its first one hour Special Episode tonight, on May 22nd at 8 PM. And the focus of the episode will be on two major points, one where Suhana for the first time apologizes to one of the family members in a very sweet tone, and the other being that she cooks food for the first time in her Sasural..

According to our source, "The episode starts with Suhana (Ragini Khanna) getting wild at Elesh for his comments on Suhana and Sid (Mohit Malhotra) being a good looking couple. She blasts at Elesh so badly, that all in the house get upset with this incident. However, it is Ishaan (Jai Soni) who comes as her saviour and has a talk with Suhana and makes her understand where she went wrong. And for the first time, Suhana accepts that Ishaan has a point, and she feels sorry for what she has done. She goes to Elesh and apologizes in the sweetest possible manner, thus setting things right".

"The next task for Suhana is to help the other ladies in the kitchen, as she has granted a day's leave to the servant. Suhana is entrusted the job of making rotis, and she does make all weird shapes. The ladies again understand that Suhana is not used to cooking, and help her out in preparing a grand meal", informs our source.

Catch the very eventful special episode of Sasural Genda Phool tonight at 8 PM on Star Plus..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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_Procrastinator 10 years ago just luved the epi....watched everytime it repeated..
harshitti_fan 10 years ago I'm in love with this show!!!!!
I obviously like Ishaan's and Suhaana's jodi but my all time fav is Dada-Dadi ki jodi. I love their naughtiness and their fighting
aish_punk 10 years ago damn i missed it!
suhana apologises?..wow, thats awesome.

n she even tries to cook?..lol it def won't work out!
c00l_girl 10 years ago this drama is the bestest drama on star plus.... all people should watch it...
rubina_khalfey 10 years ago this is a reali gud drama its a must watch neva ,iss it peple.
-Preeti- 10 years ago poor suhanna
but u guess ishaan and suhana make a real good couple
niksidfan 10 years ago this show is wooooowwww....just love dis show......the epi was rocking and equally cute
Keva 10 years ago Awesome episode. For a change Star Plus has a good show.
tomnjerry2 10 years ago gr8 show !!!! Tongue
PinkLady09 10 years ago I love dis show!!!!!!!
I luv how suhana is ezily blending n her sasural!!!!
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