Sarwar Ahuja on the cover page of re-launched novel of Keshav Pandit

Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming serial on Zee TV which is an adaptation of the famous Hindi novel Keshav Pandit was re-launched with the title ‘Keshav Pandit’s Return’ with the lead Sarwar Ahuja on cover page..

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Ekta Kapoor who is known for introducing new formats in the television industry is now on the go for launching a serial on Zee TV, that's an adaptation of a famous Hindi novel titled Keshav Pandit written by noted writer Ved Prakash Sharma.

And as a first humble step towards recognizing the work of the writer, the novel which was originally created in 1981 was re-launched, giving it a new title 'Keshav Pandit Ki Vapsi (Keshav Pandit's Return) by Ekta Kapoor and other members of the team at the press conference of the show.

The cover page of the novel holds the picture of Sarwar Ahuja the main lead of the serial. When asked Sarwar about his reaction about being on the cover page of the book, he replied with a smile, "It was a surprise for me also; I'm truly overwhelmed as I hold the book containing my picture in my hand. Now that I am on the cover page, I will have to read the book with all sincerity (smiles)".

When inquired with the popular writer Ved Prakash Sharma he said, "The novel Keshav Pandit has received tremendous response from the time of its inception and after that, on readers' demand I have created many series of the same .But as I reside in Meerut the novel is well-known there, so to make it readable to the Mumbai public and announce its alliance with the television series, we decided to re-launch the novel".

Keshav Pandit launches on May 15th, and will air every Saturday at the 8.30 PM slot.

We hope that the novel which has been successful in accumulating loyal readership succeeds in creating the same effect on the television viewers too.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Pranii 10 years ago the story seems interesting, all the best to the team. i'd definitely luv to read the novel :)
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Shaina_b 10 years ago Good for him!!!!
It happened with Twilight too!!!!
It is called Fanaa!!!!
2010-05-12 15:02:44
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-Nymphadora- 10 years ago i hope they keep up to thr reputation on the novel!
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---ayesha--- 10 years ago Ekta Kapoor who is known for introducing new formats in the television industry.

What new formats are they talking about??.She has no other talent than making crappy saas bahu dramas.She will ruin this amazing novel too.Why is she after novels this days.After keshav pandit she is adapting Twilight too.I hope she doesnot name it "kyuki vampires bhi kabhie insaan the".2010-05-12 06:51:23
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