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Sanjeeda and Sangeeta to perform in Bidaai's Natraj Mahotsav

Two fabulous dancers, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Sangeeta Ghosh have been specially roped in for a dance performance in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai...

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It was the memorable Taj Mahotsav which had propelled the love story of Ragini (Parul Chauhan) and Ranveer (Kinshuk Mahajan) to a new high earlier in Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai. The Mahotsav had then seen Shweta Tiwari and Anjali Abrol's splendid performances.

We will now see Sadhana(Sara Khan) taking part in an All-India Dance Competition, Natraj Nrity Mahotsav, which will again be star-studded. Sadhana's motive in enrolling for the competition is to win it, and get her Mami's (Vibha Chibber) operation done.

According to our source, "The two gorgeous ladies, Sangeeta Ghosh and Sanjeeda Sheikh will be seen performing for the Utsav. Theirs will be cameo roles, and both the ladies who are passionate about dance have given splendid dance performances. Sanjeeda and Sangeeta completed their shoot yesterday".

Sanjeeda Sheikh will be seen performing a Western form of dance on the very famous number from Taal 'Kahi Aag Lage Lag Jaaye', while Sangeeta Ghosh will be performing on the Kisna number, 'Chilman Uthegi Nahi'.

Confirming the news, Sanjeeda Sheikh said, "I love dancing, and I just grabbed this opportunity that came my way. Also, Bidaai is one of the popular shows running on television right now".

Sangeeta Ghosh on her part said, "I got a call from Rajanji himself. I have earlier worked with him for Viraasat; so was happy to have got this offer from him. Mine will be the opening act in the Mahotsav. The performance went very well, and it was a very nice experience to be dancing on stage. I will be seen dancing on the number Chilman from Kisna".

We sent a text message to Rajan Shahi, but did not get any revert.

The episodes featuring Sangeeta Ghosh and Sanjeeda Sheikh's performances will be aired in Wednesday and Thursday's episodes.

As per the present story line, Kamalika Guha Thakurta who plays the very eminent dancer Vidya Shastri will train Sadhana for the Mahotsav.

We hope the Mahotsav brings some respite and love into Sadhana's life…

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Ranjini Nair

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Faraan92 10 years ago Love u aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot..!!!
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kinny_sid_fan 11 years ago Looking forward for Sangeeta, Sanjeeda n Ragini Dance Performances
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Bini311 11 years ago Looking forward to the dance....Sagini are coming together...and they will perform together....

@RagVir/SaAalkeh fans: lets keep the disagreements at our home.i.e. Bidaai forum.....

Ghar ki batein ghar mein hi rahye to accha
BTW, I thought Ragi/Sadi were participating..Sara/Parul are also participating or what??? No one told me 18:37:31
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.shona. 11 years ago y does it matter if ragini wins or sadhna wins...cuz if u think logically none of them shud be winning cuz one has broken leg & one has literally 3 days to practise...& to talk bout national level dancing, sadhna doesnt reach there neither does every way it wont make sense, still either of them has to win cuz the show's bouut them. I dnt get where the difference is...

if ragini's leg was fine, i wud also be saying how can sadi win but since CT smartly balanced it well by adding negative points to both sides, i think it doesnt matter whoever wins. i m happy in either way. It does make sense if u try to understannd it
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mysterygurl1427 11 years ago can't wait....both ladies are indeed excellent dancers!!
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r07c 11 years ago looking forward to it, they are best female dancers on tv (also Barkha Bisht Sengupta is also one of the best)
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--Pinky-- 11 years ago Am looking forward to these episodes. Wishing Sadhna all the very best. Hope she WINS!!!!

I dont think Sanjeeda and Sangeeta will be performing as participants but as guests.
The same way that Anjali Abrol and Shewta Tiwari did for the Taj Mohatsav.
2010-02-15 11:51:25
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taral83 11 years ago I cant believe a agrument stated here also!
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chinky801 11 years ago yes sadhna can dance with energy, grace and will win the competition too
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..luv_shahid.. 11 years ago Anu, thats what we are saying the hero/heroine always wins and thats why Ragini should win, cuz she is not only the heroine but also a great dancer. Can Sadhna actually dance with proper energy, expressions and grace but ofcourse she'll win afterall ct's r extra meherbaan on her.
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