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'Sangam for me was a blessing in disguise' - Chaitanya Choudhury

Chaitanya of Sangam fame, seems to be the most excited about his character not coming to an end in the show. Read on...


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A small town girl walks head strong against all odds to fight her destiny, ends up meeting the one man who becomes her strongest pillar in the roller coaster of events, but eventually leaves her stranded alone to face the odds post his death. A track similar to this took place in Star’s Sangam, where fate brings Sagar (Chaitanya) and (Jennifer) together, and things turn sore when Sagar meets with an accidenet and is presumed dead. But unlike latest trends, Sagar doesn’t die and continues to be a part of ’s life. Apart from the viewers, Chaitanya is the one who seems to be the most excited about the romantic element in the story.
We talk to the man of the hour, Chaitanya about the current track and how does he feel being a part of the show…
“I was shown alive in the Thursday episode. Actually Sagar met with an accident and the only reason he is alive is because of the Love that exits between him and . Sagar and have met to never be separated. The love shown between Sagar and Ganga is so pure and so divine, and that’s what I love about this show.” On getting the role of Sagar, Chaitanya replied, “I always wanted to work in a show where the focus is more on the love story. Post Kahin Toh Hoga, I wanted to do something different, where I play a romantic character in a story that’s not typically involved with family dramas. So Sangam for me was a blessing in disguise...”

Chaitanya surely seems to be quite assertive about his character, and looking at the way things are going in the show, he surely seems to be doing a good job!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt


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aisha1 12 years ago Its different from trypical saas bahu drama
i love their jodi
and they shaw how its strong
and this mannnnnn should start in BIG SCREEENNNNN
Marthika 12 years ago ...Wow ...Cool...

SANGMA ROCKs and soo does hee..
-Yuks- 12 years ago Both Jennifer and Chaitanya do such an awsome job for Sangam! It's a truly rocking show
AfghanLeena 12 years ago he is sooo cute and hot i love him hope he meet his Ganga lolzzzzz
maha786 12 years ago i really luv him and was really missing him wen kahinto hoga was off air gr8 he is back on the small screen
Catwoman 12 years ago Im like the show... jenny and Chaitanya are so cute

Hiral great job!!
sidivyapall 12 years ago he surely is doing a gr888 job!!!!! i love their pair! let's hope the show and SG's love track does magic in the future as well!!!!! nice article! thanx for sharing!
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