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Samrat to make false allegations about Urmi's pregnanacy in Doli Armaanon Ki!

Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki heads towards an interesting track where Samrat yet again will try to pull Urmi down and allege that Urmi is bearing someone else's child.

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Spellbound Productions' Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV has come to an interesting point where on one side Urmi (Neha Marda) is determined to earn for her living and has been making efforts to work and take care of her son Shaurya, on the other hand Samrat (Mohit Malik) is trying to manipulate his son by misleading him.

Well as Urmi has discovered she is pregnant, she is in a dilemma whether to keep the baby or not. It seems that Urmi's second pregnancy has added more troubles in her life.

Samrat like every time will leave no stone unturned to pull Urmi down.

Our source says, "Urmi will see Samrat standing in front of him and desires to share this good news with him but does not do so as she recollects her past and Samrat's sick behavior towards her. When Samrat will come to know about her pregnancy he will raise a question on her character and will allege that child she is bearing is someone else's child. Owing to which Urmi will be very tensed about the upbringing of the child."

How will Urmi give it back to Samrat?

To know more keep reading the above space.

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myrah13 6 years ago Plzzz stop stooping samrat so low hating it
RaviAuto 9 years ago Rani Mukherjee has decided to enter wedlock with film maker Aditya Chopra in 2012.

Rani's father, Ram Mukherjee, broke the news saying that his daughter had promised to tie the knot in 2012.

He said that Rani had been caught up with her tight schedules, not finding time for marriage.

Rani's last movie was 'No One Killed Jessica'. On the other hand, Aditya is all set for Dhoom sequel.
sparks 9 years ago oh my sweet rani, i am so so happy for u, and i wish u God's every step and every area of ur life...may u always be happy...dear
Lady_Impala 9 years ago she is been getting married for the past couple of years.. the question remains is to whom?
dazzlingflora 9 years ago Well,good to hear that...hoping for your great future
avivakirk 9 years ago Hope u settle with the right guy! Love u and your acting so much.U are a dutiful daughter!
Cutiepie_Rani 9 years ago yup i'll believe it when it happens. media's been marrying off rani for years now!! :|
pyar-ishk 9 years ago I love you Rani and pray you meet the one that is for you.
brainychild92 9 years ago no offense, par after graduate studies and sometimes before, har beti apne baap se kehti hai ke voh shaadi karegi.. that doesn't necessarily mean she will that second or two! she'll get married when she's good and ready... i don't see why its such a big deal! women can be single and happy (AND successful)
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