Sambhavna cornered and questioned in Bigg Boss...

The charge on Sambhavna is that she is breaking the house into two groups. Can Sambhavna clear the air??

Published: Tuesday,Sep 02, 2008 15:06 PM GMT-06:00
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It’s ‘Suggestion Time’ in Bigg Boss house as the inmates are asked to drop their suggestions inside the box kept in the gym area.

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Raja, the newly appointed Sarkar along with Rahul and Monica go thro’ the suggestions and find that most of the people in the house feel that Sambhavna is breaking the house into two groups. Further investigations lead to a consensus that Sambhavna is indulging in groupism.

Well, as this takes place, Sambhavna smells something fishy and tries to approach Rahul and Raja. But before that, all are called in the garden area where Sambhavna is forced to confess all her wrong doings.

However, Sambhavna tries to justify her action and says that she is innocent. She confronts the housemates and this leads to chaos. Well, if this is not enough, the ‘Sarkar’ Raja says that all are against Sambhavna and the fact is that she has taken a leaf out of Rakhi Sawant. This infuriates her more..

Around late evening, Payal and Rahul have a huge showdown. The fight revolves around Rahul's behaviour, his friendship with Monica and other issues. A Panchayat session is organised in the smoking area to discuss the issues people have in the house which ends up in boys bitching Sambhavna.

Rakhi Sawant

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gauri92 15 years ago yay!!! i wonder if i can join (the skul...not gud enyf fer an orchestra yet)
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Rania.r 14 years ago That,s gr88 news i like monica 2 much. sambhvana is really bad. she back bites everone.she deserve it . i am happy
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Too_Much 14 years ago there is not mucxh different betwqeen payal and sam..
she is speaking and making things done payal is not speaking and making things done..
monica is trying to be simply and calm ..
i dpnt find any thing wrong in her behaviour she is realy a fine contestant there...
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renuz 14 years ago I feel Rahul is the one creating all the mischief so that he can escape being voted out.
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sweet_angel27 14 years ago I don't understand why all the people are after sambavna now.I don't know if she's really trying to break the house in two
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kothra 14 years ago Cool..Aaakhir BB ke house mein bijli ghir gayeeeeeeeee
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pinky no1
pinky no1 14 years ago she shuld be voted out,the worst the fake trying to copy rakhi sawant,but rakhi was original but ths 1 is total fake ,very cheap person sambhavna the worst
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vidyac2003 14 years ago this is the best thing I have ever heard. I think she deserves it.
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SecretKhabri420 14 years ago She should get what she deserves!!!!!!!!......
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shruti 14 years ago Another drama. Looks like an exciting episode!!
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