Salman not willing to do younger roles?!

Salman Khan, who is currently 45, believes that he's too old for some particular...

The young looking, youth appealing roles are what Bollywood actors dream of and try to bag. We have seen the Khans in their 40's romancing on screen, the new girls on the block, mostly in their 20's. Saif Ali Khan, it was heard last year, had undergone a surgery to look a appealing match for Deepika Padukone in Love Aaj Kal. SRK worked on those wonderful abs for Om Shanti Om. Aamir got the envious 8-pack for Ghajini opposite Asin. In the fourth mega Khan, Salman, comes an exception!

Salman Khan, who is currently 45, believes that he's too old for some particular roles. He was recently approached by Abhishek Dogra, Ahmed Khan's assistant, for Abhishek's maiden movie. Salman looked over the script in addition to the narration. Eventually, he declined the offer as he felt he was too old for the role.

Contradicting sources reveal that the real reason behind the reject is that Sallu doesn't want to share the limelight with three other heroes in the same movie. But fact remains that he has turned down a 'young role'.

Additionally, Sallu himself is heard to have guided the director with assistance in formulating the climax of the movie and other miscellaneous tips to improve the film in general.

That sums up Salman Khan for us - not only does he step aside to allow the young generation to take over what rightfully should be theirs to claim, he also goes as far as providing his veteran guidance! One magnanimous guy there!

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