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Salman Khan Recalls the First Time he Came on Screen with Shah Rukh Khan; Rakesh Roshan Calls it

Karan Arjun Completes 25 years; Rakesh Roshan and Salman Khan Recall Old Memories of the Blockbuster hit...


Courtesy : Zee Cinema Team

“Mere bete aayenge, mere Karan Arjun aayenge”…is an iconic dialogue that will forever be inscribed as the most popular dialogues in Bollywood. ‘Karan Arjun’ is remembered till date not only because of its powerful dialogues but also because of the captivating plot line.

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Credited to be one of the firsts of its kind during the 90s, this year celebrates 25 years of blockbuster film ‘Karan Arjun’ that struck a chord with the viewers for its power packed entertainment. Helmed by Rakesh Roshan, the character of Karan-Arjun were portrayed by the Baadshah and the Bhai of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Along with them, Kajol, Mamta Kulkarni, Raakhee, Amrish Puri and Johnny Lever were seen playing crucial roles. Celebrating this blockbuster film’s 25th milestone, Zee Cinema telecasted the movie on Saturday, 21st March.

Still rejoicing the overwhelming response his film received 25 years back, Rakesh Roshan said, 

When I had written Karan Arjun, I knew I had to write a different kind of a story from all the work I had done. Reincarnation as a topic was doing the rounds since the black and white era but when I decided to make a film on the theme but using two brothers, I faced a lot of criticism and rejection.So, I wrote the movie with a different lens like that about a mother-son bond. I had immense belief in the story and somehow knew that my audience would feel and believe every dialogue narrated by the characters. The reaction the movie received then and even today is still overwhelming.The fact that a mother’s dialogue like “Mere Karan-Arjun aayenge” got the status it has, is all because of the conviction it was delivered with. If at that time they returned from an unimaginable place, it would have been accepted by the audience. Conviction is the one element that is behind the success of the movie and the milestone being celebrated today.

- Rakesh Roshan

Recalling the first time when he and Shah Rukh Khan shared screen space, Salman Khan revealed that Karan Arjun is still a family entertainer even after 25 long years.

Karan Arjun is a special film. It is the first time that Shah Rukh and I came together on-screen. I have so many beautiful memories attached to this movie. Karan Arjun is a complete entertainment package and even 25 years after its release, fans can sit together with their families and enjoy it. The songs, the plot and the dialogues are relevant even today. I hope the viewers will be able to walk down memory lane as the movie is aired on Zee Cinema.

- Salman Khan

Karan Arjun narrates the story of Durga, a poor widowed woman who lives in a small village in Rajasthan with her two sons- Karan and Arjun. Her husband, who was the son of the wealthy Thakur was killed by his relatives to usurp the property. On learning the truth behind their father’s death, Karan and Arjun decide to avenge their father. However, they are mercilessly killed and Durga loses her mental stability due to the grief. She prays to god to bring back her sons and her prayers are heard when the two are miraculously reincarnated, while Durga remains unaware. 20 years later, Karan has been reincarnated as Ajay and Arjun as Vijay and their paths cross unexpectedly when Ajay has been entrusted with a contract to kill off Vijay. And, that’s the time they both discover about their past. Watch the blockbuster movie ‘Karan Arjun’ on 21st March only on Zee Cinema at 9pm!

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