Sallu to get married at 49!

A life changing event of Salman Khan has been predicted by Janardhan Baba, the foreseer on 10 Ka Dum. All this and much more this week...

10 Ka Dum, the reality game show on Sony Entertainment Channel hosted by Bollywood's very own brat Salman Khan, has showered the audience with a lot of surprises. But this one takes the cake!

The guest contestants this week will be an eclectic mix from Bollywood and astrology- the gorgeous Kangana Ranaut and face reader Janardhan Baba. This wasn't really surprising because Bollywood celebs have always had an affinity with astrology.

Even with Kangana on the sets the person in the spotlight was the foreseer. Our source tells, "Janardhan Baba completely took over the stage. He predicted the future of both Kangana and Salman. About Kangana he said that her work will largely be recognized and she will indeed get a lot of fame. He also predicted that her soon-to-release movie 'Kites' will do well.  He also opined that the damsel will retire from work at the age of 36."

However the shocking revelation was made about Sallu! Says our source, "Janardhan Baba told something that everyone was waiting to hear - the age when Salman will get married. Baba said that Salman will get married at the age of 49 to a girl who is not from the industry. The girl would be a North Indian."

Ah! Now if only we could get to know the girl's name and address…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (33)

i want Sallu-Kat

15 years ago

the day Salman Bhai gets married..i will be sure that any person in this universe will get married at some point of time....Lets see....

15 years ago

haha dat is funny, n complete bs...

15 years ago

good i dont like any industry girl for him....he is better off like that only love you salu

15 years ago

haha when will sallu reach 49????i'm dying to see him getting married...

15 years ago

Katrina onli went wiv him so she cud get sum wer in bollywood and it workd

unfortunately shes overated but pretty

15 years ago

Oooo! Wow! Now we'll just have to wait and see whether this comes true or not! hehe!
Hmm..I do hope he gets married before he's 49 tho!

15 years ago

the astrologers was wrong it wans't from North Indian but north london!!!!

15 years ago

katrina doesn't care about him.. so achha hi hai na hi ho usse shaadi
aish hoti to kya baat hoti.. but jo bhi ho khush rahe salman

15 years ago

Feeling bad for Sallu!!!........... but I hope who ever the girl is..... you both are happy!!!! good luck!!!! ........:)

15 years ago

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