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Saira Banu shares heartwarming memories of Yash Johar helping her ailing mother

Saira Banu took to her social media account as she recalled her fond memories with Karan Johar's father Yash Johar.

Published: Monday,Sep 18, 2023 13:00 PM GMT-06:00
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Saira Banu with Yash Johar

Bollywood veteran actress Saira Banu has been active on social media these days. The actress fondly shares behind-the-scenes, unheard stories from yesteryears. Today, she took to her social media account as she fondly recalled memories with Karan Johar's father, Yash Johar

The actress showered praises on him as she reflected on the release of her film Duniya.

In a heartwarming Instagram post, she shared her thoughts, saying, "Reflecting on the release of 'DUNIYA' today fills my heart with a treasure trove of beautiful memories. Years ago, I had taken a step back from acting, my true passion, to cherish the blissful life I had built with the legendary Dilip Sahib, my beloved husband, and a true emperor in every sense. 'DUNIYA' was a production of the prestigious 'Dharma Productions,' led by the iconic Yash Johar, the father of Karan Johar, a celebrated figure in the film industry and an irreplaceable friend to Sahib and our entire family. Yashji had a heart as vast as the ocean, always ready to extend a helping hand, especially when it came to the well-being of his friends."

She further revealed about Yashji's helping nature during her tough times, "I'll never forget instances like when my mother, Naseem Banuji, was battling asthma, and the necessary medications were only available overseas, in London or America. Yashji would appear as a benevolent Santa Claus, magically delivering the required medicines to our doorstep. The same act of kindness repeated itself when Sahib needed specific oils and tablets. Once, during our journey to America, Yashji carried a blood sample for a well-known friend, as the test couldn't be conducted in Bombay at that time. He was an exceptional friend, overflowing with compassion and unwavering care. One sunny morning, as Sahib and I savored our tea, he smiled and said, 'Saira, I know you gave up your career so we could relish these precious moments together over a cup of tea. These moments wouldn't have been possible if you were away.'"

She concluded promising to share another story tomorrow, "Then, he surprised me like no other. He asked me to make a 'Special Appearance' in 'DUNIYA,' where I portrayed his wife. Yash Johar's 'DUNIYA' was his special project, and he wanted me to be a part of it. I have an enchanting anecdote about 'DUNIYA,' which I'll share with you tomorrow."

Well, the fans have been enjoying these anecdotes shared by Saira.

Saira Banu Yash Johar Duniya (1968) 

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