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#SahiHai: When Naira urged the society to stop thinking of DIVORCE as a stigma!

Both Kartik and Naira set the perfect example of ex-couples.


Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has time and again not only justified the channel's concept of Nayi Soch, but also made it a point to preach issues that have a negative hold over the society even in the 21st century.

And the latest issue that the show took up, was that of how a divorced couple could still walk in the society with their heads held high and not be shamed by others.

The Scene:

In Friday's episode we saw how Luv and Kush are teased and taunted by their friends over Kartik and Naira's divorce. And later on, one of the kids' mother states that 'kids learn what they see at home'.

That is when Naira steps in and berates the woman for discussing their (Kartik and Naira's) divorce in front of their kids.

Naira then tells everybody that getting a divorce is not a crime, or a theft or even a murder and that it is always better for two individuals to get separated with their respect intact, than disrespect each other constantly and still love together.

She not only urges people to to stop thinking of divorce as stigma, but also tells them that taking a divorce is a dignified way out of a marriage.

And completely resonated with what the lady told.

What we liked:

Till date, mothers do not want a divorced woman for marrying their son, or when they come across a divorced lady, they automatically form a perception of how she screwed up in her marriage. Its more like they do not want to agree to the idea of how maybe it was the husband's fault that his wife moved out of the marriage.

The society also comes into play here in the larger picture. They 'say' that its a personal matter, but its not really that personal after all, eh? Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a judgement about what went wrong in a marriage between two individuals.

And more importantly, nobody wants to learn the true story or come and help in times of distress (divorce), but wants to learn about it to merely gossip and judge. This makes it hard for the estranged couple to move on.

Like Naira said, a divorce is between two individuals first and then between the two concerned families and NOT THE ENTIRE SOCIETY. If the society was a little more sympathetic towards the concerned parties, the topic of 'divorce' and the entire stigma (which the society has only cultivated) around it, would cease to exist and the current generation would grow up in a more matured environment.

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greyanastasia 2018-09-02T14:29:21Z I totally agree with naira, I never watched this show but this topic attracts my attention. People needed to be matured at the place of passing judgements
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