Sad demise of Jatin Shah's dad

The actor's dad recently passed away after he suffered a major heart attack...

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Jatin Shah who was seen as the parallel lead in Kasturi has suffered a personal loss with the sudden death of his father, back in Bhopal owing to a heart attack. The actor is currently in his home town with his family.

“I am in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh as my dad passed away. He suffered a major heart attack,” says Jatin.

The irony was that Jatin won an award as for his negative portrayal of Raunak in the show Kasturi on the 18th, but lost his dad the previous day. “I won the award a day after my dad passed away. I don’t know what to say”, says Jatin.

It is heard that his dad never had any health problems, and this was his first heart attack. There was gain and pain for Jatin as he won the award for acting, but lost his father.

All our condolences to Jatin and his family…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Jatin Shah

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We feel very bad & sorry for your father, May his soul rest in peace.

15 years ago

my condolences to his family
may god give them the strength to bear this loss

15 years ago

May his soul rest in peace & God gives you & your family all the patience to overcome this grief.

15 years ago


this is really sad news

May his soul rest in peace

and God give strength to all this close ones


15 years ago

Our heart felt condolences for you & your family.May God help you to overcome the grief.

15 years ago

This is really sad.My condolences are with JS and his family.May God give them strength to bear this loss.

15 years ago

That''s sad to hear. I hope God gives his and his family the strength to get through this tough time. My condolences to them all.

15 years ago

aww! thats so sad..My condolences to Jatin and his family
that same exact thing happened to my dad too!! a first sudden heartattack with no previous heart problems!
Pray that god gives them strength through this tough time!

15 years ago

my condolences are with JS... hope he gets d strength to get back...

15 years ago

Oh no! Aww, that is terrible. My sincere condolences for JS. This year has been absolutely horrible in so many ways... May Upar Walah give us all strength. RIP to Shah Sr. Ji.


15 years ago

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