Sach Ka Saamna stopped midway?

Star Plus' controversial reality show, Sach ka Saamna ended last week. But the fact that its first season folded up within 2 months has raised many eye brows.

Star Plus' controversial reality show, Sach ka Saamna ended last week. But the fact that its first season folded up within two months has raised many eye brows.

So what is the real reason for Sach Ka Saamna wrapping up in just two months? Normally reality formats which do well stretch for nearly three to four months before taking a seasonal break. Can this mean that this Star Plus show where people reveal their dark secrets on national television has really not clicked? A cursory glance at the TRP charts does indicate that apart from the first week, it did not really set the ratings on fire. Viewers who have watched the show will accept the fact that Indian public is still not comfortable to view such bold content along with family. Secondly, the fact that the channel was forced to push the show to 11 pm slot did not help matters, as late night slots always have lesser viewership.
Could another major reason be that the channel and the production house ran short of people who had enough dirty linen to wash in public?  Well, having said this, we also know that many people had been turned down, for they were not controversial enough. And many celebrities who were approached simply refused to be part of the show, courtesy the format which has all the ingredients in it to make a person shy away!!

We have also heard that one such celebrity who has a show on a News channel was clearly told in no uncertain terms that if she takes part in Sach Ka Saamna, her contract will stand cancelled. The celebrity is reported to have been offered good amount of participation fee as well, but she was forced to decline. May be the above reason (lack of saleable contestants) also forced the channel to tweak the format mid way to allow participants to keep 10 lacs, once they cross that threshold. Earlier, the contestants had to forfeit the entire amount on a single mistake. Having said this, even internationally very few people have take home the full booty, which in our format happened to be 1 crore. Also, the recent spate of press reports of linking deaths to the show may have also harmed its prospects. This format had run into trouble quite early with even Parliament debating the matter. 

In this given scenario although the channel is touting that Sach Ka Saamna will return with Season 2, the jury still seems to be out on a possible return; hence the channel has not fixed a date. Also, there have been reports floating that the host Rajeev Khandelwal is not forthcoming in hosting another season of the show..
But in all this criticism, if somebody has walked away with lot of aplomb and respect, it will have to be anchor Rajeev Khandelwal, who has really handled some of the very delicate questions in an extremely sensitive manner.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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i agree wid sum of commentators dat dis show was using public just 4da sake of money & TRPs but fortunately it didn't generate dat& if Mr.Basu & Khandelwal were dat honest they shud hav sit on dat chair 1st.i also remember dat dis show wen startd never mentioned dat it"ll hav 50 epis.i never expectd Basu 2 start such type of crap & i don't know why ppl hav interest in oder ppl's sex or personal life.

14 years ago

i so thought the reason was something else .... duration, 2nd seasn was just an excuse

14 years ago


14 years ago

whatever be the reason...hope it comes back with 2nd season but not without rajeev

14 years ago

As far as I knw it was pre-decided even b4 the show's launch that the first season is gonna hav 50 episodes. This was not extended n one reason for that is Rajeev's unavailability...he has to start shooting for his films n cudnt give any more dates....and the makers didnt want to hav any other host in this very season which is very obvious n so there were no more episodes.

But yes, Rajeev was wonderful in the show. I just luv him a loooottttttt!!!

14 years ago

I likie SKS and Rajeev...the show is supposed to reveal truth then what is the problem...

14 years ago

i really loved the show and rajeev also!

14 years ago

i agree, Rajeev did his job wonderfully. He handled all those crazy, embarrassing questions very nicely with the straight face. Kudos to him, made me his fan!

14 years ago

This show is exploiting people in the name of truth. How can Rupa Ganguly whom we all admire make herself a public museum of skeletons? Basu has become irresponsible. If he and Khandelwal were really genuine, they must have been the first ones to sit in that chair and faced the truth. It encouraged one to be a criminal and tell the truth to earn some cheap fame and money.

14 years ago

I love the show and hope it continues some day.

14 years ago

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