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Saas V/s. Bahu - Kaun Kisse Nachayega...

The Largest and The Biggest Reality show of Indian Television ever, on SaharaOne...Ek Saadeyon Purana Dharmayudh... Saas V/s Bahu..Starting Monday,AUGUST 25, Monday - Friday at 8.00 pm

Published: Friday,Aug 22, 2008 19:08 PM GMT-06:00
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It couldn’t get better than this! Truly, the stage on Indian Television is set for the biggest and the largest reality show ever. They say, Siachen is the world’s highest battlefield under extreme conditions but Saas V/S Bahu will draw a parallel war zone right on your television screens by taking the eternal arch rivalry between them to the highest domain. Keeping the fighting spirit alive and taking it to the the next level of enemity, Saas V/S Bahu promises all the Saas and Bahu’s, dead or alive that the tashan between them can cross all limits and break all barriers to finally prove their supremacy over one another. Coming out of the kitchen politics and the battle for reigning supremacy on the house, Saas and Bahu’s will now take a unusual floor test by challenging each other on the….hold your breath….a dance floor. This August 25, SaharaOne and Swastik Pictures is set to unveil some very famous television personalities who have made their mark as successful actors and are also talented dancers! Dancing is one such talent that most people wish, they command for the mere joy of expressing poetic rhythm in music! Get ready to meet some of your favorite celebrities on a show that’ll let people live this desire. 

SaharaOne Television will provide a platform to artistes across the television soaps who will prove their mettle as determined dancers after being successful actors for a long time! Viewers will now be treated to performances by the popular television Saasumaa’s and Bahu’s where they get together to challenge each other on the dance floor and take the rivalry further. This reality show will offer viewers much beyond just the dance between the competing teams of Saas and Bahu’s and will engage upon identifying the best Bahu and the talented Saas of Indian Television. While most of the shows stress upon the chemistry between the Saas and Bahu, SaharaOne’s reality show Saas V/S Bahu will engross viewers in understanding the matrix of actually being a Saas and a bahu.  

Commenting on her association with the first big venture, Business Head of SaharaOne Television, Ms. Nilanjana Purkayestha said, “The key to any reality show is the concept, the premise that gives the audience a reason to watch. While conceiving of a reality show we were pretty sure that it was not going to be just another of those song – and – dance shows where TV stars get together and shake a leg. The premise of Saas – Bahu conflict has become so deeply rooted in our audience’s psyche that it has become a genre of its own – “ The Saas – Bahu drama”! We thought why not take this premise, this conflict to the next level and settle the debate once and for all. Our show Saas V/S Bahu combines the best of fiction with the best of reality. While the dance floor is the ‘Karamyudh’, each team has at stake not only its reputation but is also fighting for honour of every Saas and Bahu who are rooting for them. As a show we hope to ignite passions in every living room, unite the family in debating the great Saas – Bahu divide and most of all, entertain the young and old with great dancing and drama every weeknight in the weeks to come.”  

Two teams, each comprising of 15 Saas and 15 Bahu’s will be challenging each other by rolling out power-packed dance performances for five days a week and will be judged by a team of 2 juries consisting of some big names in the entertainment industry. A set resembling the ‘angaan’ of a house will allow these 2 teams of Saas and Bahu’s to call each of their on-screen family member to compete and be their saviour if they lag behind in the scores in a particular week. Saas v/s Bahu will follow a unique voting procedure and to keep the voting system totally fair and aboveboard the elimination will be the result of the judges points combined with those of the Live Studio Audience. This live studio audience in the form of real life Saas and Bahu’s will be playing a crucial role in the show by acting as the fourth jury or the third umpire as they say in cricketing terms and who’s votes combined with the team of 2 juries will finally decide the scores of the respective Saas and Bahu teams.  

SAAS V/S BAHU will be produced by Swastik Pictures, who has recently produced the popular fiction show ‘MATA KI CHOWKI’ on SaharaOne Television.


Starting Monday,AUGUST 25,

Monday - Friday at 8.00 pm, on SaharaOne Television 

Pictures: Supriyo Das


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affytuffy @affytuffy 12 years ago I Really loved this show. My favourite saas contestant was Kruttika. She dances really well. Also liked Priya Arya and Neelam Mehra. THey both are really entertaining. From the bahus, I liked watching performances of Barkha, Jassi and Rucha. Hope another season of this airs soon.
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masin @masin 15 years ago Karan Grover Singh aka Dr. Armaan Malik frm DMG is gonna be in this movie as well!!!!! i wanna know more bout his role than anything........thnx tho
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Rahila @Rah_HuJu 15 years ago Alllllll the best Juhi & Ritaji.....& even more wishes for Juhi & Hussain to rock!!!
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Susie @Niger6789 15 years ago OMG i'm so excited!!
can't wait to watch it
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 15 years ago this should be a good show! looking forward to when it releases in thr UK..if it ever does!
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khaleda aktar m
khaleda aktar @khaleda aktar m 15 years ago niceee!!but they shud have taken Akangsha rawat instead of Keerti!!
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Ruhi gandhi @Ruhihutijufan 15 years ago hey thanx for article..am waiting when will show start,....all the best to juhi and ritaji
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norzar @norzar 15 years ago hi

thanks for this

great pics

all look great, esp ju

wishing ju and ritaji all the best

cant wait for the show

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preeti @preeti4huju 15 years ago oh.............waiting ...for this now ...i want just juhi to win ...juhi .ur the best
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Jessi @mz.jess 15 years ago karann m! omg! yay!
and cant wait for this how.
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