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Rudra to turn Bhavya's SAVIOUR as she gets KIDNAPPED in 'Dil Boley Oberoi'?

Bhavya's life to be in danger, yet again.


Ever since Bhavya's (Mansi Srivastava) entry in Star Plus show 'Dil Boley Oberoi', Rudra's (Leenesh) life has turned out to be one eventful journey. Fighting the goons, turning Bhavya's saviour time and again, and of course, finding new love.

And now, according to the latest track, Bhavya will be kidnapped by the goons and her life will be put to danger. Post the Abu Hatela encounter, the goons have been after her and so they will end up kidnapping her. 

However, turns out that this will be Bhavya's plan only and she will be doing so in order to be able to reach the main man involved in the entire crime. 

What will now be interesting to see is whether or not Rudra will be able to save her. And if yes, how will they manage to escape and yet reach the culprit?

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QueenKordeilia 3 years ago Should have let Bhavya stay kidnapped. The Ruvya story is so boring.
surbhijain 3 years ago I am just happy for leenesh
Finally he is getting what was promised to him
Miss rumya a lot
All the best to Ruvya
Dil bole oberoi2017-06-11 07:30:11
varshini15 3 years ago i think we need to give a chance to ruvya . rudra needs a girl like bhavya . rumya were too good , no doubt . nobody liked surbhi chandna oppsite nakuul when the show started . but they created magic as shivika right ? so we need to try to accept ruvya . love rikara , love dil bole oberoi
Namita-M 3 years ago I might be in the minority but I'm enjoying RuVya. Rudra showcases maturity here and there. Very happy that Leenesh Mattoo is getting story.
Mansi Srivastava needs to work on her expressions, as she is very new on the show, I'm willing to give her some leeway. Love Dil Bole Oberoi.
MrDarcyfan 3 years ago The show is going good these days, but the main draw card is RiKara aka Omkara and Gauri. Kunal and Shrenu are doing a good job. I can see Lee is trying but this story is not interesting. How Rudra acts like Bhavyas fan is irritating. It's like the chapter with Sumo taught him nothing. He's still acting so immature falling for pretty faces. Hope they have a plan for his character growth coz this storyline feels like a story of Bhavya who's a new character not Rudra who is an established parallel lead. I thought this was His story? Trying my hardest to not be negative and watch this track but I can't help being dissapointed. Dil Boley Oberoi.
xxMATSxx 3 years ago While i like her.. she is no soumya. I miss rumya. Sumo and rudy had takaar ka ishq.
Shaina_b 3 years ago Somehow their track is too boring!!!!

They can spend their whole life in the gym!!!!

Krilovad 3 years ago Dil bole oberoi rocks , loving kunal kulbhushan jaisingh and shrenu Parikh,as rikara... love only rudra sumya jodi.
nikki.171 3 years ago And while Soumya was kidnapped and kept for a good many days in the SAME house Rudra was living in, he never rescued her or even found anything off. Good job CVs.

Kay.. sorry for being bitter. I just miss my RumYa.
meerabnawaal14 3 years ago Dil bole oberoi rocks ,leenesh matto, nehalaxmi iyer had v.good chemistry just needed proper track and execution, loving kunal kulbhushan jaisingh and shrenu Parikh,as rikara
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