Roopal Tyagi and Ankit Gera talk about the evolution of their characters!

After completing a successful journey of 500 episodes, actors Ankit Gera and Roopal Tyagi of Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke talk about the progress of their characters.


Zee TV's popular show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke has successfully completed its journey of 500 episodes. The show which began depicting the story of two sisters Gunjan and Rachna who are very different from each other attracted viewers' attention and the interesting twits and turns in the storyline has kept the viewers glued to the show. The show has always maintained a good position in the TRP chart and had also topped the chart once in February 2013.

On the completion of 500 episodes, TellyBuzz spoke to Roopal and Ankit to know more about the progress of their character and also tried to find out from them as how they would like to see their character shaping up in the forthcoming track.

Roopal Tyagi aka Gunjan told us, "My character has evolved well and the growth has been tremendous. As an actress, I feel quite lucky about it because I have seen that hardly any character sees so much of growth in any other show. Gunjan's character was shown to be a modern girl who goes to a smaller city and tries to adjust over there for somebody who is actually bringing about a change in that small city. She is familiar and is now habituated in the city and now she is trying to help the people out there. From being a single girl to being a married bahu, I think the growth has been fantastic.

Nothing major is happening in Gunjan's life right now. Even we are getting so many messages from the fans saying 'Where are Gunjan and Mayank? We want to see you both.' I really hope that few college scenes should be there so that people should get to know that what's happening with Gunjan in the college. We haven't focused on that from a long time. I also want to see some typical husband wife problems between Gunjan and Mayank. My journey has been fantastic I have felt all the emotions on the set which every human can feel from success, excitement, happiness and sadness. I have felt every emotion on the sets. My journey has been wonderful."

Ankit Gera aka Mayank told us, "When the show started, we all were learning our characters, trying to get into the skin of it and understanding it. It has become like a routine for us and if we don't go for our shoots for a day then we feel that something is missing in the day. It's become like a part of our life because 500 episodes mean a lot of hard work and co-operation of lots of people. It's truly means a lot to me and its happening second time for me after Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya so I am feeling very happy and blessed.

Initially, Mayank was very arrogant but when he fell in love, he became a very romantic type of a guy. He has become more responsible after marriage and now he solves everybody's problems. It's like a normal life where a person grows from being a college student to a married guy handling more responsibilities and the same has happened with the character of Mayank. I wish I can become a bachelor again in the show (chuckles) because he has so much of responsibility to handle now so he should become a bachelor now. Overall, my journey has been very good and positive. I am feeling blessed after completing 500 episodes and I wish that we will complete many more.

Our heartiest congratulations to the team of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke!

Anwesha Kamal


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