'Roobaroo' with Naresh Iyer in Mission Ustaad

9X TV and A.R. Rehman get together for a unique reality show "Mission Ustaad". Here is a talk with the blue-eyed boy of Rehman,Naresh Iyer who is one of the missionaries in the show.

What happens when television channel joins hand with a legendary Singer-Composer, and has many celebrity guests gracing the show with a great new show theme, and all this for a very noble social cause? A revolution takes place and history is created. That's exactly what is going to happen in the next few days. A brand new Hindi general entertainment channel 9X to be launched on 12 th November at 9PM IST, by INX Media will, for the first time partner with legendary music director and singer A R Rehman, the United Nations and Endemol for a truly unique and entertaining show titled - MISSION USTAAD, deemed to be a mega blockbuster show that will feature Rehman himself and some of the best singers and stars of today, who will provide engrossing musical entertainment for a cause. The show has a key objective in mind. Through music, it wants to reach out to the Indian masses and along with entertaining it, wants to generate revenues to help meet the UN Millennium Developments goals - the rights of each person on the planet to food, decent work, health, education and shelter.

Playback singer, Naresh Iyer, who is playing the role of one of the missionary in the show, also has lot of expectations from this show. "It is more or less a reality based show, but different from other shows. It is all happening for a very good cause. It's a musical show but the only thing that makes this different is that this is music for a cause. And every one of us, all the missionaries you could say, have gathered for this cause and we are all trying to achieve this mission. All are trying their best in their own way according to their talent and capability. "

Naresh was a contestant in the reality show on Channel V "Super Singer" where A R Rehman was also one of the judges. Even though he did not win the contest, he became Rehman's protégé since. So how does he feel working with Rehman in another reality show again? " It's always a pleasure working with him. But here, it will be totally a different thing altogether. Singing in a studio, learning the song, and then recording in front of him is an experience in itself. But here it's more of a live performance. And he is again there on the jury. In the previous contest when I sang in front of him, I was more of a contestant who knew nothing, but today I am actually more or less going to perform in front of him as a playback singer, that too with others in the background who are also playback singers. So I am expecting a total different experience. "

From these comments, one thing is sure, the show seems to have its objective right. The channel and their protégé's are leaving no stone unturned to make this dream project and reality show, a great success. How successful, the show or concept or the mission will be, only time can tell. We from Telly Buzz can at this point, only wish them the very best in their future endeavors. If music can provide the food, then why not!

Reporter: Barnali

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nice concept..all the best.. im hooked to this channel.... all the shows r gr8....!!!

16 years ago

I fully agree with the views of Maxliz. No wonder, this great man is really blessed and our best wishes are always there for him. We are proud to say that our entire family is his fans.

16 years ago

Sounds like a prmosing project.lets hope it does well and really something good comes out of it.

16 years ago

That will be nice to watch.I hope we can get the videos posted in India forums.Is this the channel Karan Johar was talking about.

16 years ago

i can't wait for this one reality show..sound very unique..plus with the maestro Rahman himself invloved u can't doubt the sincerity of this prject...i have been a fan of Naresh Iyer's even before his National award winning rendition of Rubaroo in RDB...i had followed his journey in Super Singer on channel V...which was the only singing competition in the true sense...he's such an awesum guy..can hardly wait for this show

16 years ago

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