Right yaa Wrong- Movie review.

An intriguing murder mystery, with a battle for supremacy.

Cast: Sunny Deol, Irfan Khan, Isha Koppikar, Konkana Sen Sharma, Deepal Shaw and Aryan Vaid.

Director: Neeraj Pathak.

Producer: Neeraj Pathak , Krishan Choudhary.

Music Director: Monty Sharma.

Right ya Wrong is a movie of two cops Sunny Deol (Ajay Shridhar) and Irfan Khan (Vinay Patnaik ) in the lead. It is a suspense thriller that revolves around solving the murder mystery of Sunny's wife, Isha Koppikar (Anshita) where Sunny (Ajay) is assumed to be a prime suspect by Irfan(vinay).

Even though the story may sound a bit known to the viewers but the direction of Neeraj Pathak is what one can look up to. It also portrays the struggles that a cop (Irfan) has to undergo when he is supposed to prove another cop (Sunny) also his best friend as the criminal of his wife's murder. And things get more difficult for Irfan when his sister Konkana Sen Sharma (Radhika Patnaik) fights as a prosecution lawyer against him. So in short the second half of the movie is all about Irfan's tyranny for proving his instincts true against all odds.

Certain shots have been taken up very creatively which adds to the difference in visuals and gives audience a chance to rate Konkana as a lawyer. Also along with the murder mystery the fight of the two cops for achieving supremacy between wrong and right sticking to their own ideals of life is the twist in the tail.


And not to forget the brilliant acting by Irfan khan 'serious yet humorous' which just makes the audience laugh even during a very high point situation in the movie. And subjecting one's humor in front of an actor like Sunny Deol who's regarded as one of the best for playing a role of a cop is not an easy task. Yet Irfan Khan's on-screen rapport with Sunny as well as Konkana sen Sharma (Radhika Patnaik)  also Deepal Shaw is really amazing.

Music by Monty Sharma hasn't been able to deliver a magical composition like 'Saawariya' still the title track is quite credible. It's the opening song of the movie and is quite melodious to the ears.  Overall it's quite a fast movie and hasn't been dragged unnecessarily.


The murder mystery is revealed at a much earlier stage, which in a way pulls the suspense as well as thriller factor from the remaining movie duration.

Yes or no

For Irfan Lovers I think its thumbs up. Story wise it's worth giving a single try.

In all it's a one -time watch movie.

Rating: 2-1/2

Reporter: Pooja Shenoy

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