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Richa Chadha has a witty reply to the Twitterati who started the whole Zomato controversy!

“Zyaada nafrat nahi karte, acidity ho jaati hai,” read Richa Chadha’s tweet…


Ever since social media became a part of our everyday life and it gave us the opportunity to not only connect with different people worldwide but to also share our memories and express our opinions openly. But many take this chance as an opportunity to express their passive aggressive views and in turn end up inviting trouble for themselves. 

Similarly, on Wednesday a Twitter user named Amit Shukla had tagged Zomato, a food-delivering application, in a tweet stating that he had cancelled his order as “they allocated a non-Hindu rider” for his delivery. “They said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation, I said you can’t force me to take a delivery I don’t want," he continued. Zomato was quick to shut him down by saying, "Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion." 

Amongst hundreds of people, who are supporting as well as criticizing the man responsible for this news, Richa Chadha's response to it was perhaps the best so far. 

The 32-year-old actress took to her official social media handle and shared “Don't hate so much, you will suffer from acidity! Keep calm; eat whatever you want, why announce it? If you take a plate and a spoon on Twitter, it's ought to make noise. Don't get a plate and a spoon to eat for real, my friend?”

Courtesy : Twitter

Although after receiving so much criticism on his tweet Shukla deleted his account, people haven't stopped calling him out. In fact, many are hailing Zomato for responding so on to the point. Other celebs that have reacted to this Zomato controversy include Swara Bhasker and Gauahar Khan. 

While Swara wrote, "This whole interaction has filled me with hope! Courage & decency are alive in #India #corporateIndia Kudos to @ZomatoIN @deepigoyal" 

Gauahar Khan has lauded Zomato saying, "Proud of u @ZomatoIN  I’m so proud that I use ur amazing service oh so often ! Gonna become a gold member NOW !!! Love n respect !! Only if morons had real faith ! They would know to embrace n love ! #keepItUpZomato."

Check out their tweets below:

Courtesy : Twitter

Courtesy : Twitter

Stay tuned for more updates!

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guenhwyvar 6 months ago Amit's was stupid. Who delivers his food shouldn't matter UNLESS he previously had a Hindu driver that was fired or replaced because someone said they don't want a Hindu driver. We don't have that information though. From the way the tweet was phrased, perhaps he was using the same lines as that halal guy from May, but I'm not so sure. That all being said, I stay far far away from Swara Bhaskar who has irritated me through her various tweets and silences depending on who the victim is. Bollywood celebs can go shove their selective agenda crap up where it belongs.
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