RGV unveils First Look of Phoonk 2

A peek-a-boo into Ramgopal Varma's next horror film, Phoonk 2.

Ramgopal Varma unveiled the first look of Phoonk 2 on 22nd Feb 2010 at Cinemax, Versova.

As Ram Gopal Varma walked in to the packed auditorium to unveil the first look of Phoonk 2, a chilling silence took over. Media was in full attendance to experience the thrill of it.

This is basically what the first look of the film gives away-

Phoonk-2 starts off with the spirit of the evil woman coming back from the dead and brutally murdering the tantrik. What Rajiv's family in Phoonk-2 face is much more evil than what they faced in Phoonk since the woman comes back as a ghost and their only savior the tantrik of "Phoonk" is killed in the very first scene itself, thereby making the family that much more vulnerable and the film that much more terrifying.

Phoonk-2 falls in the 2nd category of scary films (that is of the "Bhoot" category) where its intention is as plain and simple as to just scare the audience's pants off.

The film stars Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ashwini Kalsekar, Ahsaas Channa, Neeru Bajwa, Amit Sadh and Rishabh Jain apart from others. The film is directed and written by Milind Gadagkar. Cinematography is by Charles Meher while the editing is done by Veenu Choliparambil and Radhey Lalsa. Background Score is by Rahul Pandirkar and Sound Design is by Jayesh Dhakan and Jayant Vajpayee. Line Producer is Ejaaz Khan and Publicity Designer is Sachin Suresh Gurav.

Author: Susan Jose , Anant Rathi

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Neeru Bajwa

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