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Review: With immense FLAWS throughout, 'KarnSangini' is saved by Tejasswi's commanding performance

If you are a Mahbharata lover, you may have a lot of problems... Read on to know more.

28 October 2018
Based on the book, Karna's wife: The Outcast Queen, KarnSangini centers around Mahabharata, but in a way, no one has done before. Unlike the Pandavas, Draupadi or Krishna, this story is about Karn, the ill-fated warrior, Uruvi - Princess of Pukhiya and Prince Arjun, the man to be.

Starring Tejasswi Prakash, Ashim Gulati and Kinshuk Vaidya in titular roles, we caught on to the show this past week, and here's what I think of the same.

The Story

The pace of the show is quick as it can be. Apart from a brief introduction to how Karn was born and abandoned by his own mother and then Guru Drona, we are immediately introduced to a grown-up Karna, who is taking lessons from a guru and excelling at the same. On a parallel note, a little princess is born in Pukhiya and while everything is hunky-dory about that, the pandit warns that she will choose an ill-fated partner for herself in the future and will face problems apart from having the most blessed life ever.

Cut to grown-up Uruvi, who is as beautiful as poems describe princesses to be along with being a little bratty and outspoken, but her heart is at the right place.

Apart from these two, the obvious other protagonist is Arjun, who is directly introduced as Uruvi's best friend and partner in almost, everything. Arjun and Uruvi hang out and end up in multiple competitions of their own, where the latter wins, but the former faces some issues. Without any delay, Karn enters a competition he is not supposed to and gets the assistance of an unlikely ally, Duryodhan (Paras Babbar).

Thus begins the feud between Arjun and Karn, where Duryodhan hates Arjun; and Uruvi continues to be Arjun's best friend but is also a righteous woman who is smitten by Karn of sorts. How will she end up being the wife to Karn and what will be her role in the Mahabharata that will follow is what constitutes the show's future.

The Good

Straight up, Tejasswi Prakash as Princess Uruvi is undoubtedly the best factor of the show. Not only is her beauty justified, but Tejasswi's acting prowess is seen in several scenes as she delivers dialogues with the required emotion. Acing the role of Uruvi, Tejasswi will be anchoring the show and that is the biggest relief.

The storyline is undeniably interesting and gets you hooked on to it too. Everyone knows the fate of the saga, where Arjun and Karn come face to face in Mahabharata, and what happens then. But, it is the angle of Uruvi here that interests you and what will be her role in this fight.

Aashim Gulati may not have the best screen presence, as he falters when he is not speaking, but with his dialogue delivery, stance, and chiseled physique; he justifies the character of Karn as episodes go by.

The scale of the show is huge, and a special mention should be given to the costumes and jewelry. They may not appear much different to any other mythological show, but there are some details which are taken care of brilliantly.

The Not-So-Good

Arjun is too powerful a character and too iconic in the minds of those, who have seen the many versions of the epic tale earlier. And after the likes of Arjun and Shaheer Sheikh playing the character back then, Kinshuk Vaidya doesn't live up to the role as much. From physical to verbal, there has to be an aura about the character, and Kinshuk fails in displaying that.

Just like Arjun, Duryodhan is a character that gave the chills to anyone who has seen or read about him. The bar has been set too high with actors like Puneet Isaar and Arpit Ranka playing the role back then. While Paras Babbar does manage to nail the physical presence needed for the role, his acting chops are abysmal, to say the least.

There are several laughable moments in the show, and the makers should realize they need to adapt to the changing audience as to how can the epic tale be shown. While I list down some supremely dismal moments, a special mention is here for the bizarre CGI work that the show displays. You know, right away that everything is as fake as it can get-

The Forever Friendzoned Mr. Arjun

When KarnSangini took a Page from the Hollywood Film 'Wanted'

The stereotypical two girlfriends, who are super-annoying

When the show also took a page out of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

The Verdict

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Girl_InMedicine 2018-11-07T23:20:19Z Haha lol! So now some people are calling Mahabharat as fictional story to defend some 2rs serial. What knowledge we have about Mahabharat!? Certainly more than you or these serial makers do. God help us! 2013 Mahabharat also took its own liberties it was not perfect and didn't show the exact story but if I compare this show with 2013 Mahabharat then it was much much better
And PLS don't get me started on the Da
Vinci Code we all know the protests that happened against the movie and book2018-11-07 23:35:05
BluFate 2018-10-29T05:57:33Z The show is great. Deserves better rating than 2.5 for sure.
DiRa_Love 2018-10-29T04:33:07Z Frankly i loved the show... it's a fiction version and we should accept it as a fiction instead of comparing it with the original Mahabharat.. and coming to the actors... everyone is only improving from one episode to the other and i have a belief they will do better and better... Tejasswi Prakash definitely rocked the show... the major plus points of the show are definitely ignored.. be it the bgm, dialogues, and beautiful storyline.. i too think the rating is too less.. i do understand this.. Afterall Karn Sangini is not an ekta product
Sonia_Sinha 2018-10-29T02:55:04Z Watched the show from beginning and as far like it very much...Tejasswi Prakash doing amezing job as princess urvi and other actors are doing their best
People shouldn't compare it with MB coz they clearly mentioned it a fictional story so we should take it as fictional only and loving the show so far
Gangachowdary 2018-10-29T02:54:10Z This show is amazing because if tejasswi Prakash acting, bgm, dialogues
And leads have amazing chemistry plus scenes r looking natural
Kinshuk expressions r good and aashim dialogue intensity is fabulous
AngelicNee 2018-10-29T02:46:13Z karnsangini is based on karns wife by kavita kane.. a fictional story with mahbharat background.. review is fair enough.. though its BG MUSIC, SCRIPT, DIALOGUES, STORYLINE needs special mention.. considering it as a fictional story its gripping and contemperory.. me being a catholic was nevr hurt or sensitive towards davinci code book or movie just cz its againt bible or our beliefs.. cz a fictional stroy cant change my beliefs.. take it in the right spirit..
STILL I FEEL IT DESERVES BETTER RATING THAN 2.5 THOUGH .. Tejasswi Prakash is looking divine
ltelidevara 2018-10-28T23:25:29Z By my bad luck I watched the show first episodes. The novel any way is mediocre and the show supersedes the novel in getting on nerves. Tejaswsi is beautiful but Ashim Gulati can not emote at all. His body language is pathetic. He can not even hold the bow properly. His dialogues are not in sink with his expressionless face. In contrast Kinshuk is free in expressions,with good dialogue delivery. And the Rangabhumi scene laughable..Duryothan drives ? Then he should have driven the chariot in final battle itself in place of Salya..Worst show ever made on MBH this one competes with Suryaputra Karna to get the award
theBoyWonder 2018-10-28T12:11:23Z the show looked pathetic from the first promo itself. Hopefully makers do not mess around with scriptures in their hunger for TRPs
Gangachowdary 2018-10-28T11:45:36Z People judge shows saying they know about Mahabharata, can I ask you wats your knowledge about Mahabharata?
Mahabharata is larger than life is my granny regular dialogue, and I never saw shades of characters in previous shows

Mahabharata itself is big fictional story(according to some people) this show is amazing in some points ,where urvi is questions the casting system, k Always used to think y noone ever questioned this system , glad finally I'm seeing my imagination in uruvi (I feel she reader of Mahabharata who went to those days to question these differences)

And another thing people r comparing with previous Mahabharata show:- first you must accept previous Mahabharata is 95%fictional work,they ignored so many interesting facts of Mahabharata

And I like this article but I felt rating is low (because I feel this show deserve better ratimg)
Tede_naina 2018-10-28T09:42:44Z I laugh whenerver some one mentions kinshuka and the mighty Arjuna in a single sentence ROFL
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