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#REVIEW: Saanjh will STEAL the show from Maya in tonight's episode of Beyhadh!

But who will ultimately have the last laugh, Saanjh or Maya?


Sony TV's Beyhadh, got a fresh lease of life after the leap of 3 years in the track, not that we were bored of the previous one. Gone are the days of the lovey-dovey romance between Arjun and Maya and all that is now replaced by Arjun's hatred for his wife and Maya's increased obsession to keep Arjun to herself.

The show just took a drastic turn as Maya crosses all limits and blames Arjun's brother Ayaan of raping her. To everyone's shock, Arjun stands by Maya and promises her that Ayaan will be punished for his crime, even after knowing what a conniving woman his wife is.   

Post the leap, not only the track of the show, but also the portrayal of certain characters has changed. Ayaan, Vandana and Saanjh, all these characters and their portrayals have changed drastically. Both Ayaan and Vandana have become more practical than they actually were before.

But what we loved the most, was Saanjh. The Saanjh/Dusky that we all knew when the show started, is gone and has been replaced by a more stronger individual. Dusky was someone who put relationships ahead of ego and was more emotional in her approach towards people. However, that's not the case anymore.

The Jhalli Dusky is now gone and has been replaced by Saanjh, a fierce individual, who thinks practically and not from the heart. She is now a no-nonsense lawyer who will give it back to the person, irrespective of whoever he/she is.

Maya on the other hand, depicts vulnerability of some level. She knows that she is faking the rape attempt (we would still like to give her a tiny benefit of doubt), but the fact that Saanjh being a woman, is not trusting her and calling her out, is something that is pinching her and we can see that.

But as expected, Maya does not back down and will try to prove herself to be the victim and not otherwise.

Tonight's episode will act as the deciding factor for Ayaan's case. What will be the ultimate verdict of the case? 
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Sparka 2017-04-14T00:09:04Z Jennifer Winget slaying as Maya
Love you girl
Aneri is also doing well
All the best girls
MrDarcyfan 2017-04-13T19:12:04Z Its sad how people are turning this into a fan war. Personally, I have only spoken about the characters. In this case, Ayaan attacked a woman. So I don't see how speaking against him makes anyone a Maya or Jennifer fan? This is not about Aneri or Jennifer the actors. This is about Saanjh and Maya the characters, and also Ayaan who is in no way innocent in this matter but being made to look like he is. The other issue is that this feels more like a personal vandetta of Saanjh against Maya than a lawyer defending her client. That is what I have an issue with.

People need to come out of their small minded thinking that anyone being for or against a character is because of them being a fan of the actor. (Be it Aneri or Jennifer). Maybe some people are like that, but don't assume everyone is, and insult our intelligence.
Heer.sweet 2017-04-13T16:34:54Z ghatiya aneri and her pig u can feel how other can feel if you abuse Jenni without no reason.hate Aneri fans .we are Maya fans never abused aneri but they always crossed their limits...and India forum shouting is not an acting.. we always speak against writer and director who are just spreading hate..beyadh jitna acha tha start me AB utna he bkwas .ayyan ko he masoom dekhana .doob k mar jao .is drama ko BAN kr Dena chahiye itni negativity phela raha hai.kya beyhadh me positive way me Maya ko nai dekhae skty .hope for the best for maya .Maya ko positive dekhao. n ayyan jo dialogue box raha tha dirty mind lrka.hate arjun family. chipko
MrsAkyurek 2017-04-13T14:13:55Z This show has hit a new low through this courtroom drama which was such a joke! Maya is a creepy psycho and should be sent to jail pronto!

Want to see Jennifer Winget in a GOOD show next.
@Butthurt Bakchod, stop ranting and look in the mirror.2017-04-13 18:39:58
anjaanichudi 2017-04-13T14:01:49Z Saanjh is fighting d case not for Ayan, but coz she wanna break Arya.

Aneri shud stop screaming. Itz just too much to watch her.2017-04-13 14:05:36
I_LoveYou_Kanha 2017-04-13T13:39:56Z Stole the IF...theses episodes are the most irritating episodes of beyhadh till now...she over acted so much...only shouting shouting and shouting...there was no acting at all...Sanjh was pathetic as lawyer...Beyhad ki Showstopper Maya thi...Maya hai...or Maya hi rahegi!!
And what did u guys write...No-nonsense lawyer...rofl..but she was a nonsense lawyer in whole 2 episodes.2017-04-13 13:46:44
bAkChOd.xD 2017-04-13T13:08:18Z Sanjh is the positive character and she should win
Jennifer winget fans r always like that...they bash all other characters and no matter how evil she plays her character is best for them
Fuck jenny and her fans...
Feeling bad for aneri vajani even after giving such a powerful performance she is getting bashed as this is what jennifer piglet fans do2017-04-13 13:08:41
anan67 2017-04-13T12:36:34Z Luv Aneri Vajani as saanjh she is doing amazing job and really now saanjh character is very strong hats off to this brave girl and really beyhadh belongs to maya as Jennifer as jenny is doing outstanding as maya no one can be doing justice to this role but in serial maya is fake always to get arjun why u all people relate maya as jenny she is plaging a character and maya don't deserve any happines now she is doing anything mayas all thing r beyhadh even on court room strips her clothes maya can do anything for winning and maya ki har cheez beyhadh wo hadh me kuch nhi krti maya ne hi ashwin ka murder kiya apni maa ko is haal me pahuchaya maya be khud bola sorry apni maa ko tab bhi you people maya ko shi maante ho toh kya kr sakta hai koi but maya wants arjun becum her doggie that is truth arjun is paagalpan of maya aur saara game maya ne hi kiya but this time she looses then playing her master card strips off her clothes she stoop so low...but luv jennys acting she is star of beyhadh that is beyhadh shown in promo for the first time in sony
nicegirl_good 2017-04-13T12:19:55Z Stole the show? Saanjh is the reason why I stopped watching this show. She makes my blood boil. Like bro calm down! What is up with her chasing after a married man? Self respect girl? None.
ronshaan 2017-04-13T11:55:01Z did she steal the show or did she shout her "thinking" story. i think the truth is yet to come out.
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