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Review: ‘London Files’ is a riveting tale of suspense coupled with stellar performances

The Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli-starrer ‘London Files’ releases on Voot Select on 21st April 2022. Read this review to find out if this investigative thriller is worth your time or not.

Published: Wednesday,Apr 20, 2022 11:43 AM GMT-06:00
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‘London Files’ features Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Medha Rana, Gopal Datt, Sapna Pabbi, Adil Zubair, Sagar Arya, Shubhro Biswas, Warren Palmer and Eva Jane Willis. It is directed by Sachin Pathak and will stream on Voot Select.

Set in United Kingdom, ‘London Files’ follows the journey of homicide detective Om Singh played by Arjun Rampal whose life turns upside down after he reluctantly takes on a missing person’s case in London city. Struggling to battle his inner demons, Om gets forced to take on the high-profile case of the mysterious disappearance of media baron Amar Roy’s daughter, Maya Roy (Medha Rana). 

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The controversial life of Amar (Purab Kohli) comes under the scanner after he backs a draconian anti-immigration law. As Om commences the investigation, a darker mystery gets unearthed, one that threatens to expose some buried secrets as well as Om’s repressed past.

With a lot of filmmakers trying their hand at investigative thrillers after the boom of OTT platforms in India, this Sachin Pathak directorial is a fresh take on the genre. The screenplay of the show by Prateek Payodhi is adeptly written and meticulously paced while its cinematography by Arun Kumar Pandey is commendable. However, ‘London Files’ rides high on Arjun Rampal’s shoulders. 

It would be safe to say that the actor has given his career-best performance in Voot Select’s original by getting into the skin of his character effectively. It is nostalgic to see Arjun share the screen space with Purab Kohli in this investigative thriller after starring together in the cult musical drama film ‘Rock On’ more than a decade ago. Although Purab’s screen time in the show is less, his salt-and-pepper intensity as media mogul Amar Roy leaves a lasting impression. The model-turned-actor Medha Rana makes an impressive acting debut as Maya Roy in this Jar Pictures production by efficiently portraying a wide range of emotions.

Furthermore, convincing performances by the supporting cast, including Eva Jane Willis, Adil Zubair, Gopal Dutt, Shubhro Biswas, Sapna Pabbi, Amrit Kumar and Shanice Archer are worth lauding as they lend great support to the lead actors in the show. With articulately fleshed-out characters and a compelling plot rife with major twists and turns, ‘London Files’ has enough to keep viewers guessing right till the end. What starts off as a dark mystery thriller quickly catapults into a tale of terror, secrets, and redemption as the story inches closer to its rip-roaring climax. 

Overall, the fast-paced storyline of Voot Select’s ‘London Files’ will surely leave you on the edge of your seat as some dark mysteries unfold one after the other, thus making it worth your time!

Ratings: ***1/2 stars (3.5/5)

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