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Renowned Chef Vikas Khanna to make his appearance on the sets of Captain Tiao!

Chef Vikas Khanna to make his appearance on Captain Tiao and will teach Sadhil some cooking on the show.

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The young host of the chat show Captain Tiao on Disney Channel Sadhil Kapoor has interviewed many big and renowned celebrities from the industry. Well last time he interviewed sporty and famous Tennis player Sania Mirza who made her appearance on the show after Comedy Nights with Kapil.

This time it's a renowned chef's turn to be on the seat of Captain Tiao. Yes, master class chef  Vikas Khanna will make his appearance on the show to teach Sadhil the basics of cooking.

We contacted the young and super talented kid Sadhil to know his experience with the great chef and he avers, "I had a very good time with him. He taught me to make rotis round, then he quizzed the public by giving a chocolate box to guess the chocolate and I guessed it right that it was a homemade chocolate using Chocolate cream and Almond. This way we had lot of fun."

"I enacted like Simran and he enacted like Raj from the famous film Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayege, enjoying the funny moments from the film. He also gifted me a cooking book which had a message to cook from heart," ends the child actor.

Sadhil had an amazing day with Vikas and it would be interesting to see Chef Vikaas Khanna with chota packet Sadhil on Captain Tiao!

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Aakruti Damani

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MriduB 6 years ago Love you loads Vikas Khanna! :) Excited to see you! Thank u for the article IF!
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Angel-Jot 9 years ago If the Bachchans really want privacy, why exactly does "Big B" give updates of everything related to his granddaughter on Twitter?
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-Nirvana- 9 years ago Media people are INSANE!
<br/>They waste there times on CRAP n pay lots of many on it...when INSTEAD they can be helping other deserving people!Rs. 5 Crores for a baby's picture! Oh come on!Seriously!This is just the limit...these people are doing as if the Bachans' are God!

Poor kid...she's got a whole life of miseries ahead with these kind of people.

I can just see big articles coming out "Beti B learns how to blink" ..."Beti B learns to say her first word"..."Beti B says "daa" "..."Beti B learns to crawl"..."Beti B lost her first teeth! "Beti cut first nail!"...

Guys look forward to these kind of articles coming out...I can tell are going to be such thing by the crazy media2011-12-06 18:50:33
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alovi_21 9 years ago media ne pblicity ke liye choti bachi ko bh nahi choda, chii they are so rich why they will do such thing they are respectablle family usko bhi patahai choti si baat ka kitna kheecha jata then why they will do such things stop doing such chaop thing media
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riatagore 9 years ago I think these media have no other work accept surrounding the bachchans. Please stop this non sense enough is enough2011-12-06 14:49:10
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LadyMcbeth 9 years ago Why would Big B and his family care for Rs. 5 Crore? As if they are not rich already! If they wanted to show a picture, they would've shown it by now. Since they haven't ... people need to respect their privacy. Media forgets that they are real human beings after all!
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Maahzabeen 9 years ago wow! media dont get anything other than that B khandan..bullshit...there are many poor children in this country who are dying due to malnutrition and all..please media people, be sensitive and giving 5 crore for the one to whom it wont matter in future, is a pitiable thing! donate those 5 crores for the children who DESERVE that...2011-12-06 07:14:39
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shootingstar27 9 years ago why dont the media just leave them alone?
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^orpita^ 9 years ago the baby has just arrived and these b's have started earning money from her!! awesome!! what black world has come!!
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Sanaa629 9 years ago I wouldn't be surprised if people start asking for her autographs before she even knows how to hold a pen..!! Gosh media..stop being such prats and report more important news..!! We really couldn't give a crap where Beti B went..and with whom she went..and why she went there and who was the first person she pee-ed on..and what her first word was..There are more important things happening in the world..!!
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