Rekha succeeds to remarry Amol in Pyaar Mein Twist

Amol gets saved from marrying twice in Star Plus' Pyaar Mein Twist...

The current track of Star Plus' Pyaar Mein Twist focuses on Amol's (Manish Paul) second marriage with Kanchan and the last episode also saw the wedding preparations for the same…

The latest we hear about the show is that Rekha (Roshni Chpra) will try her best to stop Amol from getting married to Kanchan . And once when the actual marriage ceremony begins, Rekha accordingly will sit beside Amol, without letting anybody know that it is her and not Kanchan."

"Accidently Amol gets remarried to Rekha and thus his parents are forced to accept Rekha as their daughter in law. Eventually, all the issues get sorted out, "signs off source.

Baby (Bharti Singh) gets upset again with Rekha and Amol's marriage and is left with no option but to allow them to stay together.

We contacted Roshni Chopra and she says, "Whether Rekha will manage to get married to Amol is something to wait and watch and let audience know it by themselves."

How will Rekha manage to be seated next to Amol, is something to be witnessed.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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shivani003 9 years ago I dont watch this show regularly but from whatever glimpses I have seen it seems its a sweet light-hearted show. Amol n Rekha are cute
varshita 9 years ago i just love the show.
Specially Manish and Bharti with Manish's boss too.
ramdevsan 9 years ago LOVELY. we love the post.it is quite interesting to see .we love it.
JustNihaaa 9 years ago yayyy... finally rekha and anmol gets married again... bechari rekha ki maa... aakhir plan flop ho hi gya na...ROFL... m so happy for rekha and anmol2011-05-17 23:33:50
alishaL786 9 years ago yay! :) glad to hear this! :D Amol and Rekha love each other a lot and im glad that they are together :D
abi71 9 years ago when sp is ending all good serials when will it end this one ?

-Shankar- 9 years ago thanks a lot for the great
article...2011-05-17 07:14:23
dilnawaaz 11 years ago Love Aamir Khan...I think he should def win the award. Only he deserves it...the other actors are crappy.
ruky786 11 years ago i hope imran or aamir get an award i voted for imran for villian i dont like hrithik
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