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Ratna Pathak Shah talks on the Pathaan controversy row; calls it baseless

Veteran actress Ratna Pathak Shah talked about the controversy around Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's 'Pathaan.'

Published: Monday,Dec 19, 2022 08:07 AM GMT-07:00
Updated: Monday,Dec 19, 2022 13:21 PM GMT-07:00
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Besharam Rang row

Ever since its teaser released last month, the intriguing spy thriller Pathaan has been making headlines. The film has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, though, as lead actress Deepika Padukone is receiving intense backlash for appearing in the song Besharam Rang while sporting a saffron bikini. The colour of the bikini offended some religious organisations.

Recently, commenting on the same Veteran actor Ratna Pathak Shah, who is renowned for speaking out strongly on such matters, recently discussed the entire controversy in an interview with 

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The Badhai Do actress deemed the entire controversy to be baseless and claimed that although many citizens of the nation lack access to food, certain trolls are fixated on another person's attire. The 65-year-old further added that we are indeed living in 'silly' times, but there is still hope that better sense will prevail among people and they will stop giving importance to non issues like these.

Talking about the workfront, Ratna Pathak Shah will soon be seen in her debut Gujarati movie Kutch Express. The movie, directed by Viral Shah also stars Manasi Parekh, Dharmendra Gohil, Darsheel Safary and Viraf Patel among others.

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BiloxiBlues 5 months ago Okay, I avoid replying to any responses to me, but I’ll make this rare exception:

You didn’t even bother to read what I said did you?
And, um, I’m not in India, or Indian – though I have Indians close to me and hence my interest in things Indian. So that mambo-jumbo about tax payers’ money etc. means nothing to me.

I personally couldn’t care less about the color of any bikini, as long as it looks good. So, watch your words before assuming where my political or cultural leanings lie.

I still stand by what I say. OPTICS ALWAYS MATTER – anywhere in the world. And especially in India where a vast section of the population is illiterate and hyper-emotional. There's ample proof of people going on destructive rampages in many countries when you’re not careful about these things. So, you need to be careful what you say and the symbolism you might be throwing up.

The producers here were either stupidly naive regarding the reality in that country, or being very clever and insidious. Very bad either way.
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BiloxiBlues 5 months ago While this controversy may be unfounded, this lady in question is certainly no paragon of virtue, as she sounds like she's some kind of intellectual who thinks she "knows
better" than everyone else.

I think optics matter and, in a country like India, one needs to be very careful of what subliminal message they may be sending out. So I would say to her, thanks, but no thanks to your opinion.
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