Rangon Mein hai Pyaar ki Boli!

This festive season we at BollyCurry trace the evolution of holi, as its colors patterned to...


Rangon Mein hai Pyaar ki Boli

This festive season we at BollyCurry trace the evolution of holi, as its colors patterned to become an integral part of many-a-legendary Bollywood romances.

~ A matrimonial color ~

The first ever holi scene to be shot in Hindi cinema was in the 1944 film Jwar Bhata. The scene saw the hero's grandfather walking along a village road only to get splayed with color against his wish. Fuming, he goes on along his way to see the girl for his grandson, who as it turns out happens to be the mischief maker responsible for the messy coloring on the streets previously. Pichkari in hand, the girl stands looking embarrassed, which results in a change of mind on the grandfather's part. Ultimately he consents to the matrimonial alliance between the girl and his grandson. This movie happened to be the debut venture of yesteryear's iconic actor Dilip Kumar.

~ shades of love - brazen and coy ~

Among Bollywood's most timeless movies, Sholay came many years later, in the 70's. Who can forget the boisterous and flirtatious flavor incited by the Holi ke Din track. Dharmendra and Hema Malini's playful romance in the song in infectiously cheering; while Amitabh's clumsy dance steps to conceal the coy exchange between the solemn widow Jaya and himself are inspiration to subtle signs of brewing love!

~ A splay of love and betrayal ~

Not much later with the advent of the 80's released Silsila, a tale woven around illicit lovers, extra marital affairs, and estranged relationships. Of course, the real life controversy among the movie's actors - Amitabh, Jaya and Rekha - has provided an infamous but intriguing publicity for the audiences over several decades, and several worlds. Amidst envy, insecurity and strained bonding, the holi sequence of Silsila has been the ultimate relief, bringing entertainment and forwarding the story as ex-lovers Amitabh and Rekha flirt and dance shamelessly in front of their respective spouses, under the influence of the intoxicating bhaang! Rang Barse  truly has lasted through the years as an unavoidable fun filled number played on every occasion of holi celebration!
~ the murky holi ~
Later still came another classic holi scene - one with an entirely unseen concept attached. That of an obsessive, literally deranged lover. Yes, we talk of Shahrukh's gray character from Darr. During the holi song Ang se ang mila le as Juhi Chawla and on screen hubby Sunny Deol dance away celebrating the festival of colors, the creepy stalker Shah Rukh watches his obsession in envy. It gets so unbearable, that he enters their house unrecognizable from the colors all over his face, and confesses his love with the immortal "I love you, Kkkkiran".

~ never fading colors of love ~

Among the most recent holi segments shot for a Bollywood movie comes to mind the one in Baghban. Parents indulging in some romance - now that's a sight no child ever wants to witness! That is the exact drama we are treated to. After drinking some bhaang, Amitabh gets flirtatious and belts out some tunes for his lady love Hema Malini in front of his children. The once upon a time superstars, return as a lead couple in not the ideal sense of playing protagonists and the entire concept evokes the sense of family love - especially the being of togetherness at festivities!

And that us coming to a close. We wish for the playful colors of holi to mark each of your lives as memorably with love and close moments as they have in tinsel town over many a years!


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