Randhir creates trouble for Sanyunkta unintentionally!

Channel V’s Sadda Haq gears up for some interesting track ahead as Randhir creates trouble for Sanyunkta unknowingly by sending her pictures to Sameer.


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Troubles are knocking at the doors for Sanyunkta in Beyond Dreams' popular show Sadda Haq on Channel V. Unknowingly; Randhir will make Sanyunkta fall into trouble. As Sanyunkta has lied to Sameer about her studies, she will try to defend herself in a funny way to get out of this trouble.  

Our source says, "Randhir (Param Singh) will click pictures of Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) while she is working in the lab and he will decide to send those pictures to her fiance Sameer. Later, he thinks of dropping the idea but eventually, by mistake the pictures are sent to Sameer. Later, Sanyunkta will act smartly when she will be questioned about it from Sameer. She will edit few pictures of Sameer sitting in a ladies' beauty parlor and she will convince him that anything can happen with the use of editing."

Will Sanyunkta forgive Randhir for the mistake happened by him unintentionally? What do you think guys? Keep reading this space for more such news.

Anwesha Kamal


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1234green 5 years ago Param Singh
Param Singh
Param Singh
Param Singh :*
A_Bit_Crazier.. 5 years ago This is going to be fun..
Love u, RD n Sanyu.. &lt;3
JiaaRee 5 years ago Can this sameer track be over already :(
sr-medha 5 years ago Param Singh you rock.cvs should stop destroying such a lovable character. Otherwise the show would lose its popularity. Moreover most ppl watch the show for sandhir and param.
riyasenak 5 years ago SANYU BE STRONG...PLZ CV's U R MAKING HER CHARACTER ??
FaRzI_McP 5 years ago This is now height of tolerance. Plz undrstnd cv, that randhir is an importnt charactr. Y u guys r hell bent to make hm in a nega charactr. Thr r so many sandhir fans.
Plz do smthng, else u guys gonna loose many fans
Helooohybye 5 years ago I guess its good may be this thing might bring a change in their relation ship and ranhdirs mcp attitude
mindumplingss 5 years ago Luv u Param Singh... My rockstar... Parammm Singhhjhh
sandhir.candy 5 years ago Param Singh u r stunning as RD
i want RD in positive character
CV's u better understand or u will lose so many viewers
douknowit 5 years ago yipeee...mine is the 100th cmmnt!
param singh!! u r a heart hacker...!!
deewanna ban gayi hoon main!!
u r just too good!!
and plzz arpita ko bolo apne majnu aashiq ko le jaane ...SH se...still i love all the characters...just getting a bit irritated with parth...bt we know that the end game is sandhir!!

love parsh...love sandhir...love parth...love sandhir...love sanyu...and 4ever a sandhirian and yuvreenian!! &lt;3
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