Ramuji instructed me to avoid watching Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag Sakshi

Sakshi Gulati is not at all interested with the past of Ramuji. Ram Gopal Varma, known for giving chance and working with new comers

Sakshi Gulati is not at all interested with the past of Ramuji. Ram Gopal Varma, known for giving chance and working with new comers, is always surrounded by the rumours of getting linked up with his leading ladies right from Urmila, Antra Mali, Nisha Kothari to Jiya Khan. Now he is coming with another leading lady Sakshi Gulati in his forthcoming film Contract. Here the actress speaks to us about the film, the relation with Ramu and her preparation to survive in Bollywood.

Q. You are getting introduced in Bollywood as Ramu's new girl, what do you have to say about that?
A. I am very happy that he is launching me in his film and that, too, with such a character which does not have to run around trees singing songs and doing romance. Besides playing a strong character in this film, I was given enough room to use my creativity and play my character the way I felt comfortable.

Q. How did you bag the film?
A. After becoming Miss Delhi in 2006 and attaining a prestigious position in Miss India contest in the year 2007, I did a lot of commercials and then I thought that I should try in films also. Co-incidentally, at that time, I was in Mumbai for some work when my friends informed me that Ram Gopal Varma was in search of a new girl for his next film. I went to Ramuji's office and with the first meeting itself he signed me and after two days I found me on the sets shooting for his film.

Q. Please tell me about your character in the film.
A. I play an action heroine named Iya in this film. This character starts as negative and ends as positive one. This is not something which you will hate. This is for the first time in Ramuji's film where a girl has connections with underworld and can fight, shoot and also can take decisions for all. I have done many stunts in this film on my own.

Q. How did you prepare yourself for this role, especially for the stunts you have done?
A. I was advised by Ramuji to watch films like Satya and Company and notice the characters very carefully; especially those of the boys. And regarding the stunts there was a scene to be done on jet-ski and that, too, without a life jacket. I never did jet-skiing ever in my life and that, too, I had to do in the Ocean. Action director Allan Amin allowed me two days to gain confidence and the scene was shot only when I felt confident of jumping into the sea. I am happy that there was no accident during the three days of shooting.

Q. You mean to say that your character is not like the usual underworld Dons as we generally recap girls in underworld like Mona darling?
A. No, not at all. This character does not amuse people with fashionable and body revealing dresses; rather she is the boss of all. But I have worn lot of cool and beautiful clothes (laughs). My character is from Bangkok, so naturally she will have those kinds of outfits. But you don’t have to think otherwise as those dresses are very sober and give a corporate look to the character. Make-up was also used in a very simple way and better you say no make-up. In this film I don't have any bold scene also.

Q. Ramu is always linked with his leading ladies, how do you take all these?
A. I am sure these things will not happen with me by any chance because smoke comes where there is fire and here is no fire at all. So no such question will arise for sure. And I don't have any interest with whom Ramu's name was linked in the past.

Q. Apart from watching Satya and Company which other films of Ramu have you seen?
A. I have seen Rangeela, Bhoot, Pyaar To Hoona Hi Tha and Shiva (Nagarjun's). But Ramu strictly instructed me not to watch Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag. Apart from those films I was also asked to avoid James and Go.

Q. How do you find Ram Gopal Verma as a director?
A. Technically he is very good and is very much involved and dedicated to his work. He is always positive with everything and on the set he does not allow any stupid things to happen and neither does he attempt anything of that sort.

Q. Your first day on the sets.
A. My first day of shoot was very different and strange. Except Ramuji everyone in the unit was nervous and you know as soon as the shot was over the scene changed dramatically as it was me who was then nervous and the rest of the unit members were very happy.

Q. Except Urmila, none other heroine of Ramu could make it big outside his camp, so how have you prepared yourself for it?
A. From the very first film itself a tag gets connected with a new comer; be it Ramu's tag, Yash Raj's tag or tag of the Bhatt camp. I don't want to talk about others because everyone has his or her own career graph and right now I have not set any strategy to survive in this industry. I have neither made any decision of not doing any film with Ramuji after this nor that I will only do his films. If Ramu feels that I suit in some role in his next film and if the story attracts me then definitely I will do it, but at the same time, I am in talks with others also.

Q. Your experience of coming from modeling to films.
A. The experience of facing movie camera from still cameras is totally different. In modeling only the face is important but while shooting for a film, everything along with your facial expressions get equal importance. If you make any mistake in shooting then others in the unit also have to face problems for it which is not the case in modeling.

Q. What other films have you signed besides this?
A. Recently I have read two stories. But more than signing films it's important that I play good roles. This is just the beginning of my career so I don't want to take any wrong step. I will select films very carefully and I think that whatever is coming to me may not match me in the character altogether. I am ready to play all different kinds of roles although.

Q. Personally what kind of roles you are looking for?
A. A very good film with an interesting role in it. You might laugh at it but I personally like to be a part of romantic comedy films, films which is very entertaining and most importantly with a happy ending. But I don't want to get limited to those kinds of films only because people will say that I don't know to act. This is the reason that I have started my career with films like Contract.

Q. Tell us something about your background…
A. I am actually from army background. My papa is a Brigadier and my mom is housewife. My dad used to get transferred every year so it will be difficult to say about my schooling but I have completed my 10th and then 12th from Shimla. Then I graduated in Economics from Delhi University. I like to study and travel a lot but normally people say that models don't have brains. I like to get engaged with all adventurous things as I love adventure a lot. Besides all these adventures I like dancing and reading a lot. Wherever I go I always have a book with me as a company or you can say books are my best friends.

Q. Did you always want to be an actress?
A. To be really honest, no! Even after completing my college I never planned to join the entertainment industry and after my graduation I started preparing for my MBA. I wanted to go in the corporate world. I thought after five-six years I will become the CEO of a company and then I will spend my life happily. But destiny had its own set of plans. Earlier, I would easily declare a film hit or flop sitting in the theater, but now I realize the amount of hard wok involved in the making of a film, be it hit or flop.

Q. How did your family support you attaining this status?
A. My family supported me very well from the beginning. I have younger brother and I am happy to be a part of a family where I have full liberty of taking my own decisions. My family always advised me to stick to whatever decisions I take in life so that in future I don't have to blame others for it. My papa was a bit annoyed with my decision of being an actress and always used to say that he had faith in me but not in this world. Then I made him believe that maybe you don't trust the world but be very sure of your upbringing and the principles you taught us and be sure I won't let you down.

Q. What do you think of casting couch?
A. It’s true that casting couch does happen but it did not happen to me. And moreover nobody will ever dare to do that with me because if they try I will teach them a good lesson. But if you are true professional the other will also be professional with you.

-Rajnee Gupta

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