Raj Singh Arora disappointed..

Raj Singh Arora who was short listed to be part of COLORS' show to be based on Baywatch and Friends is disappointed as he did not bag the role..

Raj Singh Arora is disappointed with the fact that he will not be doing the upcoming COLORS' show which will be based on Baywatch and Friends.

"I had been short listed and was quite gung-ho about this show produced by noted playwright and director Paritosh Painter. I had even left a couple of other projects for the same.  But eventually the channel took a call that they wanted somebody new. It is speculated that even Ali Merchant had been approached but even he was not finally chosen", explains Raj.

Currently Raj is awaiting the release of his debut film Mumbai Cutting. "It's a collection of 10 shorts film based on life in Mumbai. I am doing the film Mumbai High with Arun Mathur( Luck By Chance)", quips the actor.

He is also shooting for more two films.  One is Twentieth Century Fox's Vroom and last is  UTV Spot Boy's, Peter Gaya Kaam Se. " I play the younger brother of Rajeev Khandelwal  in the project", adds he.

Despite doing films Raj will never give up on television. "This medium has lots of exposure and good money. I am in discussion for two more projects; let's see how things work out. Among the three TV shows he has done till date, Raj finds his character (Ashu) in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki as the best. "I got to do action sequences and other interesting stuff. I can also never forget Remix for it was a cult show.  He has no regrets for doing 4(SAB TV)as well. "But yes it was quite sad that the difference of opinion between the production house (Edit II) and the channel ruined the show chances, quite early on", concludes Raj.

We hope he charms his female fans by getting back on TV soon!!

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Raj Singh Arora

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Comments (13)

i wish him best of luck 4 his future n also i wish him luck 4 his debut film.thanx 4 d article.

15 years ago

very happy for him...wishh him all the luck!

15 years ago

-Maya- Thumbnail



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15 years ago

I am very happy he is doing movies!!!!

I loved Ashu!!!!I wanted him to be with Aditi at first but jo huya that was also fine!!!!Shivangi with Ashu and Aditi with Adi!!!!

15 years ago

It''s Ok Raj! U don''t need a show on Baywatch and F.R.I.E.N.D.S to prove a point! U hav been in d biggest cult show, REMIX! n u rock! there are bigger n better things in store for you n those things are MOVIES! wow, waiting to c u on big screen! u got the IT factor in u n it''ll take u places! ALL D BEST n God Bless!

15 years ago

don''t worry yuvi.u will be seen in more better soaps soon i know.all d best for ur debut as film Director n Actor.

15 years ago

grrrr i was so hoping to see YaRa again in beach-o-beach
and ashu rocked but only wid aditiii i can never forget aditi-ashu man we got to see the beshtest pair ever on indian tv again afte remix
but ofcorse yuviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yuviii and yuviiiiiiiiiii is the maaaaaan i loveeeee guess i can never get over yuvi or ashi yuvi
love u raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj

15 years ago

That''s bad. Wish Raj all the best for his movies!!

15 years ago

oh wow 2 movies:D:D:so cool best of luck raj

15 years ago

wow, he plays rajeevs bro in peter gaya kaam se, thats cool, both te Rajs rock, hehe

15 years ago

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