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"With every ending, there is a new beginning..."

- Says the 'Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka?' Producer, Bhairavi Raichura.


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Actress turned producer, Bhairavi Raichura, feels glad that people love her show, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka?

Recently, after Star Plus declared their decision to shut down all the Star Dopahar shows on September 30, fans started online petitions with a request to retain some of the shows. 

And the producers of all the Star Dopahar shows appreciate the immense support their shows have been receiving on social media.

Bhairavi says, "I want to thank all the Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? fans for showering their love and support on us. We request them to keep loving and supporting us for our future projects too." 

She added, "With every ending, there is a new beginning. We will soon come up with something new."


Bhairavi Raichura Pankhuri Awasthy Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka?  Star Plus 

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Im_Priyana 2 years ago KQHAK team doesn't deserve such treatment from SP.Axing show for sake of TRP, this is "Profit/Business soch" of SP.
ShadeOfWhite 2 years ago Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? Her qusoor is she comes on a channel which has zero respect towards a show which gives a strong social message. This stupid channel certainly does not deserve a show like this.
Gonna miss Abeer, Amla and every single character of this show. A perfect combination of everything. This arrogant channel will never have a show like this. It says you value things once they are gone. This moron channel has this only show to be proud of. You deserve barbaadi!
oracleraider786 2 years ago Would love to see a new show based on such an important topic where we get to understand... Life has many ups and downs, many twists and turns... Sometimes teaching us even in the worst ways to walk through in our own lives... Please keep entertaining us with new shows... Hoping this show continues and keeps bringing up new twists and shocks... Love you KQHAK team...2017-09-12 13:43:48
fatima7868 2 years ago Star plus does not deserve a progressive show like Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka. Let the channel stick to their wedding and function show with no story. Star plus cares more about the big budget shows which have spineless women and MCPs as leads. The good content are hardly promoted whereas the pointless shows are over promoted date and night which will obviously fetch them good trps. It's so unfair from star plus, they constantly brag on about nayi soch but the shows that are nayi soch don't even get acknowledged by the channel. The progressive shows get treated like dirt. They are snubbed at the star parivaar awards (which are only about the channels favourites anyways), they get no promotions, not repeat telecasts, budget is low and the actors are ignored. I hope star plus gets shut down very soon
Alikhan2158 2 years ago Waiting for her new show!! Will miss KQHAK and Pankhuri-Rajveer who rocked
ALUJNA21 2 years ago if she's coming with something else it must definitely be the second season of Kya Qusoor hain amla ka? Wish the channel decide to retain it.
ShadeOfWhite 2 years ago I really wish and pray this show comes with another season for rest of the story! The main plot is Amla's fight for justice and how AmBeer together gets justice along with their unique love story. Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? needs to be shifted in evening slot! SP is one horrible channel not to promote such show when it has a strong social message and is inspiring millions of women out there. To top it they even daring to end it abruptly when the main drama is left untouched. An official remake of a great show certainly does not deserve this treatment. FGSN makers should sue this channel!!

A fan for life of this magical show.
Juhi_04 2 years ago I hope she talks about Season 2 of KQHAK instead of a new show. I am hating the way cvs are ruining the story by showing stupid things due to the stupid channel Star Plus who only promotes stupid shows.
Chitra89 6 years ago I love what she said, "today every week there are so many films coming out that it is not easy for a film to make a place in the crowd." I think she doesn't know that even today "crowd" would watch a movie as long as she is in it. And top of that she has Madhuri in the film. Who will not go and watch this film? I don't know how good is the movie going to be but people will definitely watch this movie.
IF-Police 6 years ago Want this to break Dhoom 3 and other weird film's record!
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