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"They showed only my violent part" Kamaal Khan

Kamaal Khan pins the blame on biased editing for his infamous oust from Colors’ Big Boss -3!

Published: Saturday,Oct 24, 2009 18:20 PM GMT-06:00
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They showed only my violent part  Kamaal Khan

Kamaal Khan's
rash behavior forced Big B to make an early elimination on Color's Big Boss-3. The eccentric film maker explains the reason for his behavior but maintains that a lot of his 'good behavior' had been chopped off in the editing room.

You are always seen in the house talking about your status as a Millionaire.
I am that and what's wrong in telling that? I am that's why I am telling. I have earned through my struggle and hard work. If you had watched Big Boss I had never said that I am a millionaire by calling anybody in the house. For example if you are asking me a question I have to give you an answer and if I don't then I am rude. I am not wrong by saying that I am not a millionaire.

What was your motive to enter Big Boss House?

For me show is more important. My motive is success. I believe that if show is successful then the people in it is definitely going to be successful and if the show is flop nobody will ask you. I did this show for Big Boss I was playing the role that Big Boss gave I had given my 100 percent to make the show more entertaining and successful. People should enjoy watching the show and from tomorrow onwards if there is no entertainment people will stop watching that show.

Do you think that you were the entertainment factor of the show and you were the one who brought TRP in the show?
I am honored if people think that I was the entertainment factor of the show but I know all my other inmates will keep the show going and will make the show entertaining.

What was the reason to be a part of Big Boss?
The prime reason I took Big Boss was Amitabh Bachchan. He said all of us to call him a friend and this show is so popular world- wide that to do this show is a big thing! And moreover producers have given me nice money to be in this show. I was getting so many things that there was no point in denying this show.

According to you what was the reason that you had problem with all the inmates?
May be everybody in the house was thinking of themselves and about winning the show and I was alone in the house who was more concerned about the show rather than winning or losing and was trying to make the show more entertaining and that was the gap between me and other inmates.

You were very close to Vindoo but when you were out of the show he was the one who was very happy?
Yes I know I had seen that but I am not feeling bad because I know he is very good by heart he is a wrestler who doesn't use his brain. From the first day if you have seen he is telling that I will win the Big Boss.  He saw that still 60 days are left and he was knowing very well that I was tough competition for him and if I had been there he would not have won. That's why when I came out he was so very happy.

After you came out there was conversation between inmates that you planned your exit. That you had already told Rohit that you will throw bottle at him and you will go out of the house?

The show is not at all scripted and yes I agree that I had said Rohit jokingly that if I am unable to move out of the house I would jump over the wall or the easy way would be that I will slap you and Big Boss will remove me form the house. But this I said jokingly but I was not knowing that the fight would happen in real. I gave him 5 points for his performance. He felt bad because I gave him less marks. He reacted on that issue and he insulted me saying in front of everyone that he has given me 15 points as charity and that's why I got angry and threw the bottle.

What is the thing that provoked you in the house?
I am thinking that these Big Boss people have only shown my violent part from the 24 hour footage. According to my knowledge I had only argument with Tanaaz where she had said 'disappear' and then with Rohit. And then a talk with Aditi it was only for few seconds. I think in these 20 days they have only shown my violent part and people think how much I fight.

What about your argument with Raju Srivastav? Also in your movie Deshdrohi you supported non- violence and respect for women but in Big Boss house you were completely opposed to the message of your movie.  
If you have seen the clippings I requested Raju not to come between me and Rohit when we were fighting. He then said a lot of things about me. He thought at that time if he went against me than he will get support of all the inmates.

If you get a chance to enter in wild card what will you do in the house?
I will definitely go in the house but I will go as I am.

You are always proud of your money and always said that your water comes from France and milk from Holland?
Oh my God (laughs)! In India, if we go to any mall there we get Evian water and Nido milk which comes from France and Holland is imported so that we all use and I am using that in my life so what's wrong if  I am telling that?

You also said that you had some 20,000 acre house. Where exactly it is?
Yes I have a bungalow in Delhi where we are staying since last 20 years. I also have a house in Mumbai. I said this in the Big Boss house because I thought people will be more interested to know the person who is staying in such a big house, how he is managing in such  a small bed and small house and this was made such a big issue.

You had offered Bakhtiar Deshdrohi-2 in the house and then after you came out you offered the same to Big B also?
I offered Deshdrohi to many of them. I said Ismail bhai he agreed. Vindoo I asked. When I asked Bakhtiar he said he will think and say and then I did not offer but requested Big B to do a part. If he agrees and then it would be great.
Why you didn't choose any girls form the house for you film?
Because I had already offered Payal the film and she has signed the contract. So I can't change the lead. I can't replace her.

What about Claudia?
Yes, definitely. If Claudia wants to do a movie with me I will make another film for her.

Lastly who do you think will win Big Boss Season 3?
Now it is like 5-6 people in the house are very close… like Ismail Bhai, Raju, Shamita, Aditi now I can't say anything. Anyone can win the show.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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BigBella @BigBella 14 years ago KRK is the worst dressed man I have ever seen. He has no character and is quite stupid since he likes to pick a fight for no apparent reason adn blurt anything he wants, when he wants.

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dr.della06 @dr.della06 14 years ago if you are violent then they will show it na
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pretty.woman @pretty.woman 14 years ago yes! right!! he IS an entertainmetn factor!!! as funny n nonsnese as a clown!!!
wat a laughing stock!! lol
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xmen @xmen 14 years ago he shud hav been kicked out much b4..... hate him.... go n dive into d ganges....
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superstar95 @superstar95 14 years ago he is sooo annoying nd he cant even act....thank god hes out of the show....i luv all the elimination till now in BIGG BOSS 3
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regalla @regalla 14 years ago but if at all he became a millionaire, my question is HOW? what did he exactly do to reach that status...??? what is his business.. i hope not smuggling ... he he....
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Eloquent @Eloquent 14 years ago God!!!! he's pathetic!!!!!!

Get a life "deshdrohi" and stop torturing us Indians with your pathetic antics!
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aishwarya @aish_punk 14 years ago lol..

thats why he was got in -for the violence!
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