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"Partner of good times-Lara and Katrina"

Queen of many hearts, the super glamorous and gorgeous actresses Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif on this week's exciting episode of 'Koffee with Karan' this Sunday, August 5th exclusively on Star One and Star World at 9 p.m.

Published: Thursday,Aug 02, 2007 17:57 PM GMT-06:00
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Koffee with Karan has indeed got the viewers hooked to tune in to watch the show every weekend. Each week is interesting with the presence of the celebrities who rule many hearts, who share about their experiences, have loads of fun and inturn entertains all the fans. This week two beautiful and incredible actresses set the sets of Karan glittering by their presence and charm.

Partner of good times-Lara and Katrina
The first guest of the evening is the Intellegent, Petite, Ravishing, Glamourous, sexy actress Lara Dutta who first made a mark in the modelling world. This former Miss Universe made our country proud, then entered the silver screen. In this field, she proved herself as an established actress, earned many critical acclaims to her credit.

The second guest is one of the most pretty faces of the glamour world ,she has got appreciation for her incredible work and she rules the heart of many. She is the stunning, sexy and elegant Katrina Kaif .

Both the “Partner” Stars indeed have an extravagant time on the sets.These ravishing actresses sure are overcautious and make every attempt not to spill the beans on this week’s episode of Koffee with Karan! Known for her witty replies Lara stated , “It has taken me a whole year to undo the stuff I spoke in the last episode.” Like always, Karan made sure that the actresses were right under the spotlight in this episode.Two sensational actresses, together at the same time, same place, being themselves and having a blast, this is an Episode to watch out for. On one hand was Lara dutta, who indeed had a very good year with two movies, says that the wait for good movies has paid off, but points out that the industry still has this wrong notion that a glamorous looking person cannot act.

On the other hand, Katrina who seems to be in a rather philosophical mood is just not willing to commit that she is dating Salman Khan to which Karan says, “You won’t say it darling, but, we have to presume that you are dating him.” Katrina reveals to Karan that she is not in talking terms with Bipasha Basu, however feels that somewhere down the line, may be a third party has come in between them and caused the friction. One thing which was common for both Lara and Katrina is that they had to initially combat their westernized image in the industry but have now established themselves, which they also confessed in the show.

And just when the set of controversial questions and answers wrap up and the two attractive actresses are about to lean back with a sigh of relief, Karan announces the rapid fire round!

What would Lara’s matrimonial ad look like? According to Katrina, if Salman had a middle name to suit his personality what would it be? Salman in Partner or Govinda in Partner, who does Lara choose? Who is the most romantic Khan, according to Katrina? Who takes the coveted coffee hamper? Tune-in to this week’s exciting episode!

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Welcome back Lara

Lara: Thanks Karan… I was hoping you have me back actually… I was a little worried when I got your call…

Karan: Last time, we had such a fun time with you and Bipasha… did I get you into trouble?

Lara: Yes… tremendously… it has taken me a whole year to undo… all the problems I caused myself…

Karan: You are looking absolutely stunning… why do I feel you are suddenly raring to go?

Lara: Because I probably am… its taken me about 3 and a half years to find my footing in the industry… to find out what I like doing … the kind of cinema that I like being part of… the kind of people that I like doing work with… I think once you have that in place… you start feeling a little more confident about yourself…

Karan: Well, Katrina you have been very diplomatic… I have been doing some research… looking through your interviews… trying to look for something sensational…

Katrina: Nothing na…

Karan: Nothing… why are you like this…you are young, you are beautiful… you have to say rude and nasty things once in a while… come on say something… think of something rude to say…

Katrina: I think it is probably because I came here at a later stage… post people grew up here… I think there is a certain reservation about going ahead and criticizing people who have grown up here and been here all their life… let, may be 3 or 4 years pass and I will get really over confident and then start…

Karan: Start making headlines… suddenly we will see very dramatic answers

Katrina: Yaaaa

Karan: What both of you had strangely in common was… you Lara, though you are a hard core Punjabi… you had this whole western image… everyone thought that Lara Dutta is very westernized… but of course you are a true Indian girl with the Punjabi background… but, that never came to the fore...till very recently…

Lara: But, you know, I tried to get out of the stereotype from the very first film… when I did Andaz… I did it with as hard core a Hindi film Director you can get… Raj Kanwar, and the character that I played as well was very Punjabi… I did that with No Entry, where I played a suspicious Indian housewife… these are the roles that have been appreciated…

Karan: And you have had to combat that as well Katrina… because everyone said Anglo sized, westernized… now, you dub your own films…

Katrina: Ya… I think initially it was a nice way of putting it… there are certain people… when it comes to modeling… it’s easy… people just accept you… but, in films…there is a lot of…

Lara: But, I have to say… having worked with Katrina in Partner… she gives you this huge complex… I think she is really hard working… I think she knows the fact that may be coming into this industry … I think she is really dedicated… she knows this is where she wants to be… and she is going to go all out to get it… and I really admire that…

Make sure you catch the lovely ladies Lara and Katrina on ‘Koffee with Karan’, this Sunday evening at 9 p.m. only on Star One and Star World.

Author: Shagun
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sourabh @sourabhbhavsar 16 years ago ya i agree it wasn't so spicy. i was surprised to find out katrina was so conservative.
n when karan asked lara that what does a celeb means when she/he says 'im virgin?'
and lara said, when was that? when u were 14-15! that said something about her...umm.
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Shiza javed @shizajaved 16 years ago Awesome pic!! can't miss this epi!! em a huge fan of kathrina :D

@kirtib: me would love to see that epiiiiiiii too! ;) heh..
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kirti @kirtib 16 years ago I am waiting for Abhishek-Ashwarya to come in KWK.. Probably Karan has to promise them a movie together then we might see them in KWK..lol
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Nabila @adorablenabs 16 years ago gr8 article.. cant wait for this episode!!
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psawyer @psawyer 16 years ago Can't wait for this - both look gorgeous
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Monu-SunNaa @Monu-SunNaa 16 years ago I wish that katrina came with salman on the show :(
But yes looking forward to this epi.
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago thanks for the update shagun, i'm really looking forward to watch this episode of kwk.
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AngelsEyes @angels_eyes 16 years ago both ladies are looking stunning -- cant wait to see this episode
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Farah @~farah_r~ 16 years ago great article, luking 4ward to it, both luk awesome
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Ambrosia @Ambrosia 16 years ago Both katrina and Lara looks gorgeous,,very nice answers..

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