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"I work out like a maniac" - Ankit Gupta

Newcomer Ankit Gupta, who is a fitness freak shares with Stay fit mantra with TellyBuzz.

Debutant Ankit Gupta who is seen in Channel V's Sadda Haq works out daily and believes in eating proper food. He likes to exercise and stay in shape and remain fit.

Let's see what this actor has given fitness tips to his fans.

What does fitness means to you? What is idea of fitness?

Fitness means everything to me. I personally feel that it doesn't matter that you are an actor or model or from the corporate world or whatever profession you are in, one must remove an hour or 45 minutes every day to do exercises.

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

Every day after my pack up I go to do the gym, I work out like a maniac, and I sweat like a pig (Laugh). 

Are you conscious about your food choices?

Absolutely, I would say all the time I am conscious about my food choices. I don't eat food provided on set, I get food from my home and I do breakfast at my home before coming to the shoot.

Do you take protein supplements?

Yes, I take protein supplements which are very important because what happens that when you work out aapke muscles tissues phat jate hai and to recover them you need protein, at double of your body weight.

Is there any sport you are skilled at?

I used to play Shooting ball which is a kind of Volley ball. In Volley ball we play with different ball and in shooting ball we used ball made up of leather.

A celebrity's body you admire?

There are many but I admire Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Rampal's body.

What is you fitness secret?

My fitness secret is right kind of exercise, proper diet because it's always said that your body is not made in the gym but is made in the kitchen and with proper rest.

A fitness tips for your fans?

Eat right, workout properly at least five days a week.


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ParAnJas 6 years ago Ankit our hawtiee Gupta

u just rock as Parth
ur hard work in gym is clearly visible on screen

Ankit Gupta is best
SamriAnu11 6 years ago your hard work paid off ... you're looking mo hawt day by day in the show :D the hawt n swt parth
keerthyshetty 6 years ago Hay hay tabhi toh isa body hai!!!u r super hot!!!!
SamriAnu11 6 years ago you work out like a maniac ...therefore you have a hot physics :D keep rocking :)
901ag 6 years ago Dnt get too thin..
U luks best the way u r..
We fans luv u
ZoeShaikh789 6 years ago U r osme as Parth!! Luv ur acting! Hats off!!
-Wanderer- 6 years ago You are awesome as Parth! Love the character of Parth!
suvasreeroy 6 years ago u shud work on ur voice a bit it sounds choked actors shud hv a voluminous voice :)
Ritushree_Nadal 6 years ago love u ankit,u r doing a gr888 job.sadda haq rockss
sweetmadhuri 6 years ago Keep up the Good Work Ankit Gupta

Love u as Parth in Sadda Haq Heart
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