"I have learnt everything the hard way"-Mohit Malik

Mohit Malik, presently seen in Sony TV's Surya the Super Cop, opens up to Telly Buzz his journey in the industry...

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Mohit Malik is back in television as the tough cop in Fireworks Productions' Surya the Super Cop in Sony TV.

The actor who has been away from the industry for a while recently got married to his lady love Aditi Shirwaker and is today leading a happy life.

Mohit Malik, in a candid chat with Telly Buzz talks about his journey in the industry and his new life after marriage.

Mohit MalikHow did the show happen to you?
The talks were on before everything was finalised, and there were also a few more shows offered to me. But when Sony TV approached me with the role, I couldn't say no to it because, playing a cop was one of my favourites and I was on for it. I did not have much preparation to do for the role as well, because the role demanded serious looks and also we began shooting soon.

How has been the experience working in Surya the Super Cop?
The experience has been good so far with the show. The interesting about shoot is that we have a lot of outdoor shoot, unlike daily soaps which happens on a fixed set. Right now we are wandering through the railway stations and markets of Mumbai and the only common place we have is the main office, which is a fixed set.

There are already investigative stories in Sony TV. How can you differentiate your show from them?
According to me, the main difference is in the characters of the show. They have their own individuality and they are newly appointed cops and fresh to the field.

How is your off screen rapport with the other officers in Surya the Super Cop?
I share a good off screen rapport with my team members. Since we are appointed in three different teams, we all do not get chance to interact with all the members of the cast.

Who is your best friend on the sets?
Actually I am friendly to everyone on the sets and I believe that I can do my job well only if I share a friendly relation with my co-actors. All the characters are really good off screen as well and since majority of the cast is men, there is a male bonding on the sets.

How is it working with Fireworks Production?
It has been good working with the production house and since I had not worked with Fireworks earlier, the maiden experience is really good.

You have had the privilege of playing different kind of roles in the industry, which is the most memorable one?
The character that I played in Durgesh Nandinii is the most memorable one till date. Portraying a con man was really challenging and I would like to thank Sony TV for giving me such a role. And today also Sony gave another different role that I had always wanted to do it.

What kind of roles do you personally like to play?
Actually it all depends on my mood. Since I am playing a straight face cop with no emotions right now, I would love to play an emotional character at the moment. Also I would like to play roles that are challenging and needs a lot of preparations.

What was the most struggling part of your life?
Actually it has always been a struggle for me in the industry and all these five years I have been struggling. Nothing has been easy out here.

How has the journey been in the industry so far?
The journey has been tough and very much a learning experience. Actually it depends on the individual whether you like to learn from whatever comes your way, and I had learnt everything the hard way. I can say that I have learnt to act in this five years and I am still learning and improving it day by day.

You have tried your hands in reality shows as well; will you give it a try again?
I don't mind trying it again because frankly speaking, Reality shows give you good money. And I would love to do something where Additi and I could participate. But not something like Bigg Boss because I do not want people wonder what I am doing on national television.

You have been in the industry for a long time; what are the changes that you have found?
The industry has become highly professional and organised and that is a good sign.

Do you think that the young generation has a large scope and they are a big competition?
There is indeed competition in the industry now where the young generation is in, and the established actors are finding it tough to get adjusted. But at the same time we have to realise that we are supposed to adapt ourselves to the present conditions of the industry.

What are your other projects apart from Surya the Super Cop?
Right now, it is just Surya the Super Cop, as I do not have time to commit myself to other shows. And also I do not want to divert my work as of now.

Recently you took your life to the next level; how has life changed after marriage?
A lot has changed after marriage and I have become more dependent on Additie. She is now handling everything and I like the responsibility that has come along with the commitment. I feel really nice now as I bought a house recently.

When are you and Aditi planning to extend the family?
Oh, we have not even thought about it. There is a long time for it and we are still kids, so let us grow first.

We have not seen Additie back on TV, is she busy managing home?
Yes, she is busy with household stuffs and that is why she is doing only ads at the moment. But eventually, she will take shows and will be back.


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Comments (14)

mohit i am loving u in surya ...specially last episode u were awesome

13 years ago

hey mohit plz accept my request on facebook...

13 years ago

Nice to finally see an interview of Mohit!! Thanks for the interview Mohit and great seeing you back on the screen.

13 years ago

He seems like a perfect cop in the show.
I start liking him in the show.

13 years ago

Thanks for interview
Great work Mohit

13 years ago

liked him a lot in banoo main teri dulhann and he was good in parii hoon main as well, with rashmi desai. wishing him lotsa success for his career. also wishing more happiness for him and aditi in their marriage.

13 years ago

Thnx for this beautiful article..
The show rocks and he is playing his role very well..this guy has got good sense of humor.."we are still kids, so let us grow first."

13 years ago

hey mohit we want c u in a romantic role as u were in pari hun main and dulhan...u look great

13 years ago

Thanks 4 the interview. I didn't knew he is in a new show on Sony

Anyways best of luck to him

13 years ago

Thanks for article IF

Keep on rocking Mohit in the show.

13 years ago

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