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"I have grown as an actor but not changed as a person" : Divyanka Tripathy

Pretty and talented actress Divyanka Tripathy, talks about her association with the show, her future plans and much more with TellyBuzz...

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The very beautiful and gorgeous actress Divyanka Tripathy who is beautifully portraying her character of Ishita on-screen in Balaji Telefims' popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus, talks about her character, her off-screen bonding with her co-stars and much more in this conversation with TellyBuzz...

How is the experience being a part of the show so far?

It's very different! When I was approached for the show and read the script, I bought this novel Custody' and read it for my preparations. I found the story very amazing and then I thought that if the book is so amazing then the show would be even more amazing. I loved the story and that's why I said a 'Yes' to this project.

I found Ishita's character amazing as it has many variations in it. When I got the narration of this story by Ekta Kapoor then I realized that Ishita's character is going to have many variations than it has in the novel. The character excited me because there was this nok-jhok kind of relationship emerging between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita and for me the emotion of hatred for someone is new to me and which was happening for the very first time. It was quite refreshing for me and my audience. My audience loves me when I get angry. Whenever I get a script, then I try to get into the skin of the story to convince myself then only I perform so that it looks convincing. I am trying to make it as natural as possible. 

In what ways you can relate yourself to Ishita?

Ishita loves to wear Indian attire like Salwar Kameez and Saaree and in a similar way; even I love to wear Indian outfits. I am a very soft spoken person, I can take my stand, I am a quiet person like Ishita, and my family is also much like Ishita because I am a Brahmin. I have a cultured family and I do believe in culture. I respect elders like Ishita. There are so many things which are similar between me and Ishita but the thing which discrete us from each other is in the form of anger.

How are your co-stars to work with? What kind of bonding you share everyone on the sets?

They all are good people to work with. Neena Kulkarni who plays my Amma is just like a school teacher for me as I get to learn something new from her every day. We all are very friendly with each other. Mr. Bhalla (Kaushal Kapoor) and Mr. Iyer (Abhay Bhargava) wait for me to have lunch or dinner along with me. Iyerji saysbeti ko aane do and Bhallaji says bahu ko aane do tab khana khayenge(smiles). They are very sweet and wait for me always to have food with them. 

You share a lovely bonding on-screen with Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan). So, how is your off-screen bonding with her?

Ruhi is a pleasure to be with and I share a great bonding with her off-screen as well. She is full of fun and she knows her job well and she is a very professional child artist. Even if she does lots of masti before the shot is ready, once the word Action' is said, she does everything very professionally with perfection. It's very easy to work with. When I met her for the first time knowing that she is the one who will be throughout the show along with me, I downloaded some interesting apps and games on my phone and made her play along with me. So, in this way I bonded quickly with her and she has become a good friend of mine now. We have lots of fun together. She calls me Ishita Aunty off-screen too and being amastikhor, she keeps on asking me my name again and again even if she knows. I tell her my name as Ghanshyaam so she says it's a boy's name. So, we keep doing masti like this always (Laughs). 

What's your point of view about the character of Ruhi?

Ruhi is a child who touches everybody's heart and the story is based upon her; about her custody. The story is revolving around the custody of Ruhi. Every character's heart beats for Ruhi in the show. She is a very special part of the story and whether she is in the scene or not, she is always talked about.

As your on-screen wedding track is going on so how are you feeling decked up in a Tamilian Bride's attire?

I am feeling good; I love the jewelries and the Saarees. I loved dressing up like a Tamilian bride and I love the culture of South. I love Kanjivaram and Silk Saarees and for a change I got to wear these Saarees. I am really thankful to the show that I am able to wear all those Saarees and I am very happy. Whenever I have traveled to South for some commercial shoots, I have always bought these kinds of Saarees for my Mom and have compelled her to wear.

Recently, there was news which appeared in the media that you and Karan are not on the talking terms with each other. What you have to say on it?

It's nothing like that! I feel that people have to create a buzz somehow as it's a daily soap. Karan is a sweetheart. We both are no. 5 Sagittarians and we never have clashes between us. He talks a lot and does lots of masti but I am opposite to him; I talk less. So, thankfully we share this good rapport with each other because he keeps on talking and I keep on listening to him. He is a very good actor and we both respect each other for our work and that's how our chemistry turns out to be well on-screen. Karan has got to know that I am a big time foodie for homemade food so he has started to bring Gujarati food for me from his home which makes me very happy. 

What kept you busy before this show happened to you?

I was approached for this show in January last year. So, I was waiting last year for the show to go on-air. Everybody was just talking about the show and waiting for it. I joined Katthak classes in the year 2012 then I went to my hometown Bhopal and stayed there for long. 

What are your interests other than acting?

I am a very adventurous person. I have always tried taking time out and go for trekking with my friends whenever I was not shooting. We also used to go for long drives to see the water falls or the jungles. I get very less chance now since the time I am in Mumbai as an actor.  

A dream of yours which you fulfilled recently...

I have many more in the pipeline but when talking about a recent one then it's the beginning of this show for which we all were waiting for long. Every day we just used to talk about the show and there is no fun when as actors we don't get a chance to act. Now, I am thankful that the show has begun and I am very happy.

Your biggest achievement as an actor...

Many more are yet to come! I think coming down to Mumbai from Bhopal and keeping myself stable in this industry is a biggest achievement for me. Being grounded is really very difficult and keeping myself grounded and balanced mentally and physically was a difficult task for me but I have managed it well. My family members and my close ones say today that, Divyanka aj bhi waisi hin hai.' So, keeping myself the same today what I was 7-8 years back is a big achievement for me. I have grown as an actor but not changed as a person. 

What's your aim in life?

Happiness; anything which would give me happiness - I would like to get married soon, I would like to have a stable family, I would like to have lots of money, a big house and so on... but my ultimate dream is - happiness. 

What about your Bollywood dreams?

I have no such dreams like that. I just do the best when I get something. If I am free and I get a Bollywood movie then I would love to do it but I have always got some whenever I am already doing a show. I would never go after a movie by leaving a show which I am doing. There are around 200 people along with me who are associated with a show I am doing so I am no one to hamper their work for a movie. If I will get a very good offer from Bollywood and if my production house will allow me to do then I would definitely go for it. 

We wish Divyanka all the very best for her show Ye Hai Mohabbatein!

Anwesha Kamal



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He deserves to be in top 10 position.
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shonu2 6 years ago Great interview!! You are great Divyanka Tripathi!! Keep up the great work in Yeh Hai Mohabbetain!
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alisasilverstar 6 years ago Divyanka Tripathy
Divyanka Tripathy
Divyanka Tripathy
Divyanka Tripathy
Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy Divyanka Tripathy
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Tvtime 6 years ago Love the way you act, you bring out the true essence of a simple innocent woman, very realistic and contemporary, kudos to you and all the other actors in YHM. It's the best show on air right now. No nonsense drama and a well paced story. Great work!!!
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serendipity. 6 years ago Divyanka! <3 <3
love her! doing a fab job and yes, she stays grounded! :$
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ThruMyEyez-Nita 6 years ago You are such a beautiful and talented actress. Loving you work in YHM and you have amazing chemistry with Karan.
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Rocked in today's episode.
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Divyanka and Karan rocks as Ishita and Raman ...Our Ishra rocks...YHM rocks...
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