Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan: Damini wants to kill Gungun

Radha challenges Damini and leaves. Damini is furious and wants to kill Gungun somehow to stop them.

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Pyar Ka Pehala Naam Radha Moahn

Radha challenges Damini and leaves. Damini is furious and wants to kill Gungun somehow to stop them. Radha Mohan leaves in an auto to pick up Gungun from school. Radha shares the good news with her family. Rahul enters with a Mata Rani ka frame wrapped in a cloth. As Kadambari removes the cloth, she sees the glass of the frame is broken and gets scared, as it's not a good sign. Damini asks Mohit for the car keys and is determined to kill Gungun. She starts following Radha Mohan. 

On the other hand, Kaveri is super happy to know this and is waiting for Damini's call to hear the good news. Radha Mohan is having a good time and is super happy to meet Gungun and give her the good news. Gungun is upset, thinking nobody is bothered and didn't come to pick her up today as well. She escapes from the watchman and leaves. Radha Mohan reaches her school, and Radha panics as she can't see Gungun. Then, Mohan sees her playing with a puppy. 

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Mohan and Radha plan to take some gifts for Gungun and then meet her. Gungun is excited to see Radha Mohan. Mohan shouts that they have defeated Damini. On the other hand, Damini is just looking for a chance to hit Gungun with her car. She takes out a cloth, covers her face, and starts the car. Gungun starts running toward Radha Mohan and gets hurt. Radha scolds her, as she always asks her to be alert, but she never listens. Gungun replies that when Radha Mohan is with her, nothing can happen to her. She couldn't even complete her words, by then Damini's car comes and hits her badly. Has Damini killed Gungun and destroyed the Trivedi family, or is it the beginning of Damini's destruction?

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