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Public Voting in Reality Shows - Boon or Bane?

Should Musical Reality Shows keep the same format of Public Voting? Read more to see what's going on...

Published: Tuesday,Sep 18, 2007 08:00 AM GMT-06:00
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As the jungs between contestants in our favourite musical reality shows are growing nearer, we, as the viewers, are clinging onto our seats, in utter anxiousness to see if our winner will come to the end. How can we assure that our favourite will make it to the top? Well, if you've got no mobile or cell phone, you're pretty much out of luck. For years together now, the basis of voting in music shows have been us, the janta. We make the final decision of who wins the title and who doesn't - but is this fair?

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Tears fall from our eyes when we see our favourite contesants get eliminated from a show and lose their chance of becoming India's next voice. Eliminated contestants from all 3 music reality shows give a shock to the viewers - Meiyang Chang, Deepali, and Emon Chatterjee from Indian Idol, Junaid Sheikh and Harpreet Deol from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and Toshi from Star Voice of India. This gives the incentive for viewers to not blame themselves, but rather, the channel. Whose fault is this?

Channel heads will blame it on the public voters - after all, it's use who send hundreds of SMS messages everyday to keep our favourites at the top, but when we see them go, who do we blame? The last resort is to blame the format of the musical reality shows, where this question arises - should we continue to have public voting as the final decision maker for the shows? If talented contestants are getting ousted out each week, then should the judges have the final say in who goes and who stays? What should be the actual format for these shows?

We cannot decide ourselves, but we can surely think. Is public voting the way to go? Are we able to trust our janta to the fullest and make sure that talent wins over everything else, or must the judges and other important factors be forced to play a key role as well?

Author: Ammu

Junaid Sheikh

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indiaone 12 years ago good news2010-09-27 01:42:04
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TiaMaria93 15 years ago I dont think pblic voting should be the powerhouse factor behind the elimination of any 1 contestant. what is the purpose of judges if their decisions dont count in the end? thi public voting gimmick should just stop now because a lot of the greater talents of these singing shows have been eliminated unfairly.
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erum180 15 years ago really one thing janta shouldnt vote bec they are taking good singers out and keeping the singers who just sings ok
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talkativetaurus 15 years ago very good article !!

jantas cannot be trusted at all ... every week i see these shows ..i laugh n cry (mix emotion) at the participants ... becos they r performing so well but i know they r ultimaltely going to get eliminate ...i laugh cos i feel they r fools to believe the jantas n perform so good cos whatever they do they r going out............
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bBSs 15 years ago I think voting should be scraped coz it dont even count
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kkav 15 years ago only better are coming up becoz of public 's fantasy of performer cum singer. all best singers are not always best performer. kishore da and sonu are only exceptions.
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nrin2k 15 years ago donno abot sa re ga ma pa no clue about that.. but in terms of ii3 im very happy of the elemination of depali n emon..they were over rated.. but not fare with chang .. he should b there.. anyway amit n prashant is fighting lets see who wins!!
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gem5000 15 years ago i agree with eshi786---its a better idea to have the judges say who is the bottom 3-4 then the audience can vote out one of them..this is the only way these shows will have good singers as winners....
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addyydda 15 years ago there has 2 b a diff format... year after year v c gud contestants being voted out n avg contestants winning (on all shows) coz they get more votes (not based on singin ability but on other factors lyk luks, region, sweet personalityetc)... where is the fairness in this.. if u deserve sumthin then shudnt u b gettin the reward 4 it ...
may b sumthin lyk fame gurukul format might work... (but then there wud b accusations flyin abt judges bias..) format is goin 2 b fool proof but anythin else wud b better than this...
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iceangel 15 years ago man i don't knw abt da other showz but i m confident in saregamapa soesn't sounts da votes its all planed man i swear..dere was no point mauli bieng in instead of harpreet or joy
ankieta shoul've been out long time..
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