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Priyanka Chopra expresses grief for Assam flood victims; Gets criticized by netizens!

Netizens went on to bash Priyanka Chopra for reacting late to the Assam crisis...


Assam is facing a serious crisis as floods in the state have already caused the death of at least fifteen people and around 43 lakh are suffering. Even animals at Kaziranga National Park came under the radar of this disaster. 

Global star Priyanka Chopra is the ambassador of Assam Tourism and she has finally expressed her concern over the natural disaster. She expressed her grief at the loss of lives and urged people to donate at the official relief fund. Earlier, netizens who criticized the actress for being silent on the situation are still unhappy.

"Extremely devasted by all the news coming in from #Assam and other parts of India. It's heartbreaking to read about the displacement and loss of life. My prayers with those affected," she tweeted and attached the link of the official relief fund

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This tweet was followed by many angry reactions by netizens as they felt that being the Assam tourism brand ambassador, it is not enough on the part of Priyanka to just make a tweet.

Take a look:

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While many people were bashing PeeCee but few online users defended her and came out in support of the actress.

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Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar has tweeted to announce that he would donate Rs 2 crore to the cause. "Absolutely heartbreaking to know about the devastation by floods in Assam.All affected, humans or animals,deserve support in this hour of crisis.I'd like to donate 1cr each to the CM Relief Fund & for Kaziranga Park rescue.Appealing to all to contribute," he tweeted.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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pcnsb 6 months ago Trolls only know how to criticize someone! She is the tourism ambassador of Assam, not CM or any other minister of CM's cabinet who can do anything about or for the flood-affected regions. All those commenting under her tweet, please tell me what have you done for Assam?!
Stark_Wolf 6 months ago She is not chief Minister of Assam u ***holes.... She us bringing tourism to Assam, made movies with Assamese actors... N now she is asking everyone to donate.... Netizens morons...
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