Priya Bhatija Shah indisposed..

Priya Bhatija Shah has taken ill with a severe throat and stomach infection...

Priya Bhatija Shah who plays Nandini Parikh in NDTV Imagine's Basera has taken ill with severe throat and stomach infection, and is on rest at the moment!!

It so happened that the team of Basera had been on a promotional activity to Delhi, wherein Priya got sick.

Says the actress, "The schedule in Delhi for the promotion of the show was very tight. We were always on our toes, and did not even get time to have proper food. We were basically on the road giving bytes to the media. Unfortunately, I had golgappa on the road, and also got wet while reaching the airport. When I reached Mumbai, I was down with fever and my throat was swollen. I am better now, but am still on liquid diet, as I cannot eat anything. I took an off for a day, and will resume shoot from tomorrow".

We wish Priya a speedy recovery..

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (5)

the weather is not good
she must take care

14 years ago

aww hope you feel better!!!!
get well soon!!!

14 years ago

first it was Archu and Priya :O

get well soon guys.

14 years ago

wats up everyone suffering from stomoch infection?

anyways hope she gets well soon!

14 years ago

god that means no shantanu nandini for a while??????

14 years ago

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