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Pratibha and Pushpa chachi to hatch a plan on Zee TV's Hello Pratibha!

An interesting track will be witnessed where Pratibha and Pushpa chachi will hatch a plan to find the real culprit.

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Shakuntalam Telefilms' popular show Hello Pratibha on Zee TV, is trying hard to grab more attention by creating interesting twists and turns on the show.

As per the ongoing episode, Pratibha is trying all possible ways to keep Pushpa chachi happy. She is helping Pushpa chachi so that her daughter gets married. But many hurdles are coming Pratibha's way, creating troubles for her.

Something interesting is in store for the viewers -

Our source says, "Pushpa chachi (Sheeba Chadha) will give all the Jewelry to Pratibha for the safety which she has preserved for her daughter's wedding. Sunidhi (Snigdha Pandey) will make Pratibha (Binny Sharma) scared that if the Jewelry goes missing then the entire family will be in trouble as chachi will not forgive any one for the loss. Thus, this will make Pratibha scared as she doesn't want anything as such to happen. She is also unaware about Sunidhi's bad intention to create troubles in her life.So, Pratibha will be disturbedas she has to take care of the jewelry."

"Unfortunately, the jewelry will get stolen and Pratibha will be in a mess as the blame will be put on her. Pushpa chachi will call Pratibha in her room and tell her that she is very much aware about who the main culprit is as she overhears the conversation where someone from her family is trying to spoil her image. Thus, Chachi will try to explain Pratibha that she shouldn't lose her self-respect all the time and must take a stand," adds the source.

"Chachi will give Pratibha some cash and will also give Pratibha red ink. They both will make a plan with which they will be able to catch the main culprit who stole the jewelry," ends the source.

Well, after the culprit is caught, Pratibha will be seen as a confident woman and hence will be seen fighting back.

Who is the real culprit?

Neha Jain


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KayAziwa 6 years ago About time they do this!! Almost got boring with the not so brilliant Sunidhi n her MIL..!! Hope Puspa chaci n Pratiba will caught the culprit, i am positive that they are no other then Sunidhi n her MIL!!
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cherrypansy 6 years ago Thank God something to look forward in the show. Hope this time Sunidhi is caught and blamed publicly.
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OrientalDancer 6 years ago Wher are the interesting Twist and Turns? The only thing we get to see is how dumb Sunidhi and her dumb mother with her dumb mil try everything to bring Pratibha down and Pratibha who is just naive and innocent and doesnt fight for herself or stand against them for herself!
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ALUJNA21 6 years ago Ohhh FINALLY they are coming together it was much needed otherwise the show could have been changed into hello Sunidhi.
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Mrs.K.B.Sobti 9 years ago wow 3 articles in one! It feels like there is a big sale: buy 1 get 2 free lol

can't wait for Teri Meri Kahaani and Krishh 2
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