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Hello Pratibha Creations Gallery 1

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Hello Pratibha Picture Gallery 1:No Comments

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Hello Pratibha Update Archive:No Comments

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Hello Pratibha Archive Mansion

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Hello Pratibha Forum Rules & Regulations

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Hello Pratibha Help & Suggestions Corner

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About The Show & Character Sketch

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TOI:Hello Pratibha to go off air next month?:Discuss Here

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||Hello Pratibha Banner Contest Winner||

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Hello Pratibha Introduction Corner:Welcome All

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Sangeeta Panwar
Sangeeta Panwar

as: Pratibha's Mother-in-law

She plays the typical strict and regressive Mother-in-law of Pratibha

Snigdha Pandey
Snigdha Pandey

as: Sunidhi Chachi

Sunidhi is a drama queen, a career oriented women who looks after a boutique. She loves being pampered by her family members, she is selfish and believes in taking all the credit for herself.

Binny Sharma
Binny Sharma

as: Pratibha

Pratibha, 36, is the mother of two. She got married at the tender age of 19 and has spent the past 17 years coping up with her duties, proving herself time and again of being an excellent homemaker. ...

Sachal Tyagi
Sachal Tyagi

as: Mahendra

Pratibha's husband who neglects his wife and is too involved with his work.

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