Pramod Tripathi to have a testing time in Paanchvi Pass..

Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain's second contestant, Pramod Tripathi vows to walk away with a huge sum.. Can he manage to be smarter than a fifth grader? Catch all action tonight..

With the first episode of Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? airing last night, Shahrukh Khan gave the nation a feel of being in Paanchvi class and the jitters of going back to school. Vedula Ramlaxmi, the professor who has done her PhD was seen nervous and jittery trying to get the answers to questions of first standard math and standard 2 history.

Although the first contestant was scared, the second, Pramod Tripathi, appeared to be very confident of scoring high in the exam and walking away with a huge sum. Pramod, an English teacher and a happy go lucky rapper thinks the exam is a cakewalk. So will he make it to the top or will he need the help of the Paanchve class ki Paltan?

The show seems like an immense pleasure to watch as it will have adults and parents who pester their children to study having embarrassing moments as they find it difficult to answer questions in the Paancvi class. Paanchvi Class kids will be the heroes and as ShahRukh rightly put in the last night's epiosde, "Aaj se hamaare dil me paanchvi class ke bacchon ke lie zyaada izzat Hogi".

Author: Melanie

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Comments (11)

that is really sad if paanchvi paas kids know more than parents. Thanks,

15 years ago

patel_nil21: actually it's not called copy when it is said and implemented that show is inspired and produced by the same production company (Mark Burnett: it's at the end of the epi)..

the show has the same setting, concept and idea.. even the title is taken from the US based show..

the prodcution is expanding in the Indian market and ahve done an excellent job.. many people are aware that the show is not orginal.. but then again.. if shows such as Deal or no deal, KBC, India Idol, JDJ and Big Boss.. just to name a few are all copied from other english shows..

if the credits are given to the makers and it's just shown in a different angle (desi questions and things) it's not really copy..

I really like it.. and having SRK is just amazing all together!! i love the question.. and i have to say that tonite when this show was on.. my cousins and brother and everyone came fro dinner and had a blast.. no one would get up from their seats until the show as over..

wonderfully done and SRK is just the perfect host. he's funny and dashing!! and the little kids just comnplete's the package.. adorably cute!!! the kids and srk chemistry is wonderful!!

have to admit.. some questions are Hard man..

luv pri

15 years ago

the questions are really hard..the show is good.

15 years ago

actually the paanchvi pass show is copied from one of the show in usa called Are you smarter than a fifth grader?. The same concept & idea is taken from that show.

15 years ago

srk you are rock again.i am so happy you are back on tv.the concept,fomat also is very good.and bacha party are sooooooooo is verry good.srk superb,mindblowing.....all the best.or ha ek or baat nahi kahungi to pura nahi hogi KORBO LORBO AND JITBO.such srk you are real winner.........

15 years ago

i just got to watch this shw yesterday n its really rocking ... the kids r just so smart than elders anyway .. hehe =D

15 years ago

ya seriously... the show roocjkkksss esp. with srk my sweeetttyyyy..... and yea aaj se hamare dilo mein panchvi pass ke liye bohud izzzat hopgi lolz... ye to bade bado ke hosh na uraade to dekh leina lolzzz...

wohoo rockkk

15 years ago

Luved the format of the show..the kids r cute n Shahrukh is at his best..!!

Sach show bade badon ko naani yaad dila dega...!!

15 years ago

SRK rocks n the show too...the show is very catchy if u start watching it u would feel like watching nothing else....
its far better than KBC
and the children r soo cute
epecially shriya...she is my cutipiee

the show is just rocking

15 years ago

form now all will respect children

15 years ago

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