Pracchand Ashoka: Kaurwaki decides to apologize to Ashoka

In the episode of Colors TV's show Pracchand Ashoka tonight, Kaurwaki will decide to apologize to Ashoka after her rude behaviour towards him.

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Mallika Singh as Princess Kaurwaki
Mallika Singh as Princess Kaurwaki in Colors TV's show Pracchand Ashoka.

The historical romance saga "Pracchand Ashok" on COLORS continues to enthrall audiences with its captivating storyline centered around the legendary Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki's majestic love story. Set against the backdrop of ancient India, the series portrays Princess Kaurwaki's quest for a suitor with a heart as pure as gold, while Samrat Ashok emerges as a powerful conqueror driven by his relentless pursuit of power.

In tonight’s episode, Kaurwaki, feeling remorseful for her harshness towards Ashok, decides to apologize. However, she discovers that her brother Arya is in danger and saves him from tigers, facing Chaitraj's sinister plot, which seems to be a threat to force her agreement. Meanwhile, Ashok, upset over Kaurwaki, becomes the subject of her apologies, and starts questioning her dignity and character. Feeling trapped, Kaurwaki decides to marry the king of Vidisha.

In the episode of the show yesterday, the audience saw Ashok catches the servant, revealing it was a plot orchestrated by Helena. Furious, Ashok confronts Kaurwaki, who witnesses him hitting a servant. In a dramatic exchange, Ashok questions Kaurwaki's decision to marry Chaitraj, and Kaurwaki, in rage, probes into his strained relationship with his father.

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Why oh why? Can't they show the actual story of Ashoka instead of making it all up?

1 months ago

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