Poverty-stricken Viranis' take to 'Chawl' Life!

A new twist in the tale of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, which will see the entire Virani family struggle to survive, as they enter the Chawl..


The hoardings are up all over Mumbai, as the Viranis are on course to face the toughest hurdle of their life, as they move out of their posh abode, ‘Shantiniketan’. The new twist will take the Viranis away from the life of ‘Riches’ to ‘Rags’ wherein, after losing their entire property to a well-etched plan of Trupti aka Babli, the entire family has no other option, but to take to ‘Chawl’ life.

Suvarna Jha, who plays the Master-tactician Trupti says that, “I really enjoyed playing the character of Babli, but it is good to be back as the evil Trupti now.” So how is life going to be for the Viranis, staying in the Chawl? Says a source, “Trupti has succeeded in taking away everything from the Viranis. Now, the future track will see them struggle for existence, and fight against poverty. The duration of the track has not been decided, but this story line is to stay for quite sometime.”

Will Trupti be happy with the property and spare the family now? Suvarna claims, “The future track is going to see Trupti turning more evil.” It is also learnt that the audience will witness a huge showdown between Viranis, particularly Tulsi and Trupti. Will Tulsi emerge victorious, trounce Trupti’s power and get her family back to where they belong? Or will Trupti’s yet another game plan shatter the confidence of the family?

Ekta promises more drama with the usual dose of glycerine in the coming track of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi; so get your handkerchiefs ready before you get to see the sorrow state of the Viranis..

Author: Srividya Rajesh


Suvarna Jha

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smriti_roxx 12 years ago WHEN IS THIS SHOW GONNA END???

All gud shows r comin to end,while this show is just being dragged along...hope this show ends soon!!!
da_mom 12 years ago You all can watch..i am tired of this storyline with Triputi..enough already. The writers love to bleed the public till it hurts before putting a storyline to bed. I for one am tired of bleeding..so i think i will find something else to watch in the meantime..perhaps checking in once week will keep the bleeding to a minimal..and less painful.

Bah..not in the mood for blood or pain so..Triputi can plot to her hearts content and turn evil til she explodes, im sure i can find something else..
-Preeti- 12 years ago Ohhhh no
now its Virani's at the target to b shown poor
wonder how this hi-tech new generation would react to this, esply bhoomi & manthan
*shikha* 12 years ago this has to happen in every single drama!!!
Ira593 12 years ago wonder how bhumi nd manthan will live nd look!
zana456 12 years ago yet another program taking the same track ie kumkum
monkeysparx 12 years ago thanx for the update on what is gonna happen on kyunki cos us in london a very,very behind is it true that tripti ís married to another man???
ishimukh 12 years ago well there is only one thing left 2 watch in this show and that is hiten gauri
kalurajpurohit 12 years ago i love karan and nandani please show more KandN in new track i love hitenandgauri.
Mrs.SalmanKhan 12 years ago thankks.
Karan needs a haircut and a shave. haha =]
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