'Police Quarters' doesn't live up to expectations(Kannada Film Review)

Film: 'Police Quarters'; Director: A.M.R. Ramesh; Cast: Aneesh, Sonu, Dileep Raj and Avinash; Music: James Vasanthan; Rating:**

Film: 'Police Quarters'; Director: A.M.R. Ramesh; Cast: Aneesh, Sonu, Dileep Raj and Avinash; Music: James Vasanthan; Rating:**

'Police Quarters', which has been directed by 'Cyanide' fame A.M.R. Ramesh, is a realistic film and the story is told in a neat and realistic narrative style. But neither the story nor the narrative has any refreshing elements, disappointing viewers who had expected a lot from the film.

Ramesh's 'Cyanide' was realistic and a trend setter in the Kannada film industry. And the director had claimed that he had returned to the narrative style of 'Cyanide' while making 'Police Quarters'.

'Police Quarters' shines for a few moments, but degenerates into an ordinary fare in many sequences.

Ramesh has tried to add many dramatic elements into the narration while simultaneously making the Tamil version. But Kannada audiences appreciate a more subdued narrative style.

The film starts well but all expectations wither as the wafer-thin story does not have any exciting incidents to back it up.

Ramesh should be complimented for narrating the first half in a quicker pace, but unfortunately the second half just drags and drags.

Ramesh's confusion becomes apparent in the second part when many sequences are repeated and the story barely moves forward.

The story revolves around two youngsters Ashwin and Anita, who live in police quarters. The two are always quarrelling and don't see eye to eye.

But cupid strikes the two after an incident that takes place in the riots following the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, where Ashwin saves Anita. But Anita's parents have already decided to marry their daughter off to a relative.

Anita doesn't approve of this marriage proposal and wants to run away with Ashwin. But Ashwin doesn't want to hurt Anita's parents, who are close to his family.

Anita finally get married and Ashwin goes missing.

Dileep, who plays the role or Raju in the film, shines throughout the film. Newcomer Aneesh Tejeshwar makes a good debut and proves to be effective in his expressions and dialogue delivery.

Sonu, who showed promise in her first film 'Inthi Ninna Preethiya', has given a decent performance. Veteran artists Avinash and Sharanya are also good.

The camera work is very good and the fight sequences are well choreographed. James Vasanthan's music is above average.

'Police Quarters' is a good one-time watch.

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