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Pick of the Week-3rd-8th December!

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

Published: Monday,Dec 10, 2007 18:18 PM GMT-07:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! with our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! Also look for the new addition, "Dialogue of the Week"

Kya Dill Main Hain...

*Scene of the Week*: When Aniket and Tapur Scream at the cliff to feel relaxed and burdened out and when in the process, Tapur breaks down is very touching and emotional, you could actually feel the pain she is going through and your heart melts seeing her crying. Chemistry of both Anand and Anita in that scene is phenomenal! Although this is first show where Anita and Anand are paired together,  they are complimenting each other very well ,and we audiences are craving for more.Truly indeed!!

*Dialogue of the Week*: When in every instance, Anuraag tells Kakoon that you should die as you are not leading your life but your Dadu's life ,is actually a very serious dialogue, but used cleverly and you cant help but laugh at it! The whole Aniket and Tapur scene and dialogue was lovely to watch , the way he drops her home and gives her flowers and says "I will get you diamonds some other time as they are bit expensive" is very sweet and enduring!

*Style Icon of the Week*: We have Anand and Aamir with pierced ears, Anita with her elegance personified ,Abigail with her freshness .So all in all, something for everything and we are not complaining. Be it Aamir's Blazer look, Anand's sophisticated and sweet look ,Anita's with her amazing Kurtas and Abigail with her rawness..they all make a great picture together! Do watch it if you still haven’t!

*Blooper of the Week*:Oh we have this in loads as well ,they are shown from Kolkata, but except the view of Howrah bridge on/off ,Victoria memorial on/off and ofcourse Durga puja, nothing seems to be like happening there. Their language is very much like anyone will speak in North India or in Mumbai , if we leave exception of few bengali words used by them! "Yeah toh Gadbad chee" In the show Kakoon is shown as grand daugheter of Ghosh babu's daughter ,but then why she calls him "Dadu"? He should be her Nanu!! if we are not wrong ? Case of confused relations maybe! and there are many more..the list is ENDLESS!

Dil Mill Gayye...

*Scene of the Week*: The scene in the cafe where Armaan, Sapna, Anjali and Atul are sipping their drinks. Armaan wonders what the ridster is doing so he calls her. He poses as a worker from "Rang de Basanti Foundation" telling her she has won a prize for Best Medical Intern student in a thick Punjabi accent. Rids figures out its him. She hangs up on him, and Keerthi surprises her and asks "where are Dr.Aarman and Dr.Atul? and the way Armaan puts on his pair of Raybans, is enough to make girls ga-ga over him!and his expression does the rest!

*Dialogue of the Week*: During the scene where Nana and the soap star are fighting, she asks him condescendingly, "Janna chahta hai mere paas kya hai? And Nana replies, "Haan, janna chahta hoon!" She says, "Mere paas paisa hai, bungalow hai, hira hai, ..... arre pagal, television ki Best Slap Queen award milta hai, back-to-back har saal. Samjha? Tumhare paas kya hai?" Nana, fire in his eyes, retorts with, "Mere paas kela hai! Khaogi?"

*Style Icon of the Week*: It's a tie between Sapna and Armaan. Sapna, who usually wears kurtas and jeans, came to work in a bright yellow salwar and looked amazing. Armaan's style rocked this week, wearing brightly colored dress shirts with top buttons undone, acid-washed denims, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. As far as docs go, these two raised their style quotient this week alone!

*Blooper of the Week*: This belongs to Sapna, who this week stumbles upon a book on motherhood while doing her shift in the maternity ward. She then talks to Shubankar about single parenting, requests Keerthi to put her in the maternity ward, and imagines herself as Shubankar's new wife and mother to his little girl. A total blooper because Shub never says anything besides hi to her and the last time he saw her, snapped at her in the elevator. The scenario in Sapna's head is unrealistic, since Sapna only just discovered shubankar had a daughter.This is Future planning, without knowing the past and leaving present in lurch, too much to handle, isnt it?

Kasauti Zindagi Kay....

*Scene of the week*: It is finally revealed that Komolicka as expected is not so innocent, and the scene of the week definitely comes when the truth starts coming in front of all the family members!! It was a in the drama when Dhara found out that Bajaj and Komolicka are together and Anurag is innocent!! Finally Dhara has something to do ..in the drama!!

*Dialogue of the week*: " itne mushkil se bajaj ko iss changul mien phasaya hai aur tum sab kuch kharab kardo gi. Abhi jao aur dhara ko roko warna woh electric shock mien tumhien de do gi" Komlicka gives a peice of truth to divyana that she is not as smart as she thinks she is!! Aree kabhi kabhi villian bhi bahut ache dialogue bolte hain!!

*Style Icon of the week*: Aree with our old komolicka back, can anyone stand before her? She again has a new style this week with her old 'Nikal' music and spices up the screen with her presence and attire!

*Blooper of the week*: As per this week’s episode, it was revealed komolika is responsible for brainwashing Bajaj. She made him believe all the nonsense about AP.But they showed that Bajaj woke up after 15 years from comma and met Komolicka in the hospital and in 5 years, Bajaj turned into a criminal Dhanraj Kapoor beating Charles Shobraaj ! and Later she showed him AP are together, but didn’t Anurag come back as Pratham Mittal only after the 20 years leap? And wasn’t this revealed after a long drama, and then all was decided that Prerna would get married to Anurag. So all this took around 2-3 years time. May be Komolicka has the power to see the future & show it to others as well in her magical crystal! but I think they are working overtime, but time has come for them to wake up & smell the Coffee!

Blooper Award of the Week

Anxious to know which show won the Blooper award..your hands are itching to clap and your eyes are waiting to read it..ok we wont keep you all waiting any longer..here it is, this weeks Award ,and we proudly present it to the show Kasturi, and the blooper was..

On the party day, when Kasturi switched off the mike and spoke, nobody could even hear her or make out what she was saying, even though she was quite loud like our usual Bahus of small screen. However when Robbie spoke without the mike, whole party heard him and even applauded hearing his word!! Someone must have swtiched off the hearing aids of the people present in the party when Kasturi was speaking and swtiched it on later,quite possible!!

Spotted by: cool_pooja

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Telly Buzz--buzzing already.., our weekly article from the world of Television shows. Special Thanks to Dev Team of IF for their Input! Contributed by: cool_pooja, trina1
Concept and Author : Nishtha
Banner by: *Kruthi*
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sakshi @eijaz-anita 15 years ago i luvd d kdmh prt.
anita rocks..though sh is doing a cmeo she is being so much noticed..luv her
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nikhila @sinispillai 15 years ago u know all what is my biggest aim in life????? to calculate the age of Mr. bajaj, mohini, prerna's mother, BAA of Kyunki, and all other leading actors of kasuti, kggk, kyunki, kumkum etc etc....... will anyone help me????????????
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Teesha @Teesha 15 years ago Haha...Kasturis blooper is funnyyy...

Great work guys!
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vaishumatha @vaishumatha 15 years ago Good comments.Completely agree on them all
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Manpreet @sahib29 15 years ago wow great catch ....kekta land meh sab kuch posible hai
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Maleka @StayStrong 15 years ago wow DMG again in pick of the week, rocking as ever!!!!

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Pooja @cool_pooja 15 years ago Once again a great edition Nish!
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mahalakshmi Sathiyamoorthy @mahalaksh2303 15 years ago ya KDMH was awesome especially the scene btw anita and anand........

as usual armaan was at his best............
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illuminated. @illuminated. 15 years ago Kasturi's blooper is funny...I kinda dont get KZK's blooper though :S

Great work Nish, Trina, Kru and Pooja
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dmg rox
dmg rox @dmg rox 15 years ago WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!! HURRRAY !!!!!!!!!!!
at last DMG is there
d scene OTW is totally rite - karan looked soooo dam nice wen he put his sunglasses .any girl can go ga-ga on him 4 his style n his expressions really did d rest [just a wink was missing]
sapna luks so dam nice n cute n churidars specially her red 1.really she is worth coming as a style icon.
and armaan ,he luks nice all d time.
d dialogue OTW is also well chosen -i mean it was hiralrious wen nana gave dat kinna of reply 2 dat tv actress !!!!!!!!!!!
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