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Pick of the Week July 30th - 2nd August

We are back to give you the Latest Happenings in the Top 3 picks of the popular serials as we will keep a close eye on their every step each week!!

Published: Saturday,Aug 04, 2007 17:19 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back this week to give you even more bloopers, style icons and much more as we pick out each quality of the latest popular shows... so check it out!!

Durgesh Nandinii

Scene of the Week --

This time, the Scene of the Week was definitely the last scene on Thursday's episode. Durgesh really shows how bold she is when she snatches the necklace from Geetanjali... she is definitely going to get her way with her famous dialogue, "aay baat samajh ma?"

Style Icon of the Week --

Even though Azeem is the negative character of the show, his suits and stylish hair definitely suit him. Let's hope those coloured contacts turn into real ones if he ever appreciates the true value of money!!

Blooper of the Week -

How does Geetanjali's son know that she put namak in the achar when he came in as she was about to leave? Apparently we have some different detective skills, it seems...

Saath Phere --

Scene of the Week -

When Kaveri was begging with folded hands to Ginni and was asking her to go and take care of baby's clothes. That scene left a mark on the audiences as Kaveri always troubled everyone and seeing her in pain, gave us the much desired satisfaction.. go Ginni, trouble her more!

Style Icon of the Week -

Tara without a doubt as she has changed her style totally, new wardrobe with some beautiful sarees and to match up ,she is sporting a new harido as well! Atleast someone is working on her looks and believes in change! Way to Go!!

Blooper of the Week -

When Ambika walks in, Ginni was feeding the baby while Kaveri was sitting in front, talking to her, and Ginni puts down the baby seeing Ambika at the door.... Still, Ambika does not suspect that Ginni was feeding the baby and not Kaveri? Maybe Directors wants to stretch this mystery for another week!

Mamta --

Scene of the Week -

When Krishna humilates Akshay and asks him not to attend his marriage! The scene was wonderful, all involved enacted that scene so well and you can feel the pain in everyone's eyes. That scene truly touched the chord of Audiences' heart!!

Style Icon of the Week -

The Marriage season was on in the show, so everyone was looking their best but Some stands out like Akshay in his Red sherwani and Meme in her Orange Bridal Lehnga... Thank God he has no specs this time!

Blooper of the Week -

After the marriage Sid refuses to let her mentally challenged daughter go with Krishna as he says that she cant live without him, he feeds her and she gets violent if she doesn't see him for a day... Just few days back he brought her home , but when she used to live in Mental Asylum all alone, how did she live then? Do people have short memory or convenient memory? You decide!

PM Author - Nishtha and Ammu
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Ahmed @Too_Much 16 years ago hmmm i dont want to comment coz abhi fans will hunt me
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<< HoNeY >>
<< HoNeY >> @<< HoNeY >> 16 years ago very nice ^_^

Thanks a lot ,,,
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baby blush 8
hadiza @baby blush 8 16 years ago ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God someone tl him 2 marry me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................he is soooooooooooooo adoreable!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dammy @damilola 16 years ago aww bless him he's so cute !!!!

love him !!!!!
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Rushvi @rushvi99 16 years ago Nish and Ammu you did a great job...I guess I missed those bloopers..
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Lady Black
Lady Black @Lady Black 16 years ago Thank God Tara changed her look! Ever since she first entered the show her look started to decrease and continued down that path.....but maybe someone actually mentioned how she looked to the make up and costume team! Great pick of the week, maybe even of the year....

~Lady Black~
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Thankx Nish & Ammu...very well written....All bloppers r very funny
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago mamta's blooper is hilarious..cos its soo tru, Sid being stupid...hehe

SP is really rocking, loving Tara's new style and Kaveri begging Ginni was superb...loved it to bits...evil witch finally getting a taste of her own medicine...but yet she deserves even worse...
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago thnxx the mamta's blooper is soo true the cretives need to pay a little more attention
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Ami @-Ami- 16 years ago Thanks..
DN was really good this week..
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