Pick of the week - For the week 14th-18th May

Catch all the Latest Happenings in the Top 3 picks of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week !

Critics Corner is back and with us is the second edition of Pick of the week. Pick of the Week is a critical look at the Top 3 serials of the week where we will evaluate the best and the worst!

Lets find out this weeks TOP 3 of our chosen Serials and see which Serial has to go through our litmus test this time! So Keep enjoying Shows with a pinch of salt and pepper, thanks to Dev team of the respective shows for their inputs!

Kasamh Se..

Jai smiling after five years and sharing the joy of happiness with everyone around him, after seeing Bani ,the expression on his face was spot on! Kudos to him.

: When Bani met her kids in the school kids call her mummy/mamma and then when jai asked the kids who gave them chocolate they said that aunty!! Intelligent kids not revealing the identity of Bani! Hope they are not another Pia in the making!

Aparajit Dev ,from his hot suits to hot personality. He is truly the Style Icon of Small Screen! Even in this summer you want to sing Feeling HOT...HOT!!

Kahani Ghar Ghar ki...

Dadi and bua doing a "floating dance" to "Hawa Hawai" after drinking too much alcohol, Kamal joining his saasu-bua in the festivities

Pranay comes home after spending the night at Maithili's, in her grandfather's clothes, claiming that his clothes got wet the night before. Yet neither he nor Maithili (who turns up at his house five minutes later) bother to go back, dry his clothes and bring them back home. Maybe Pranay prefers Dadiji's kurta-pajamas more than his?

Janki Devi looked stunning in her shocking blue saree her trade mark Red lipstick and fiery expression.


When Prachi and Neev were peforming the Last rites of Inder, Prachi tries to touch Inder's Ashes and the way Neev stops her by putting his hands below hers, is something to watch out for!This scene really touches your soul!

Amrita is supposed to be mad. Then how did she find her way to Inder's house without having any money and without even seeing his house before! Now that’s making us go .Maybe Inder turned into a ghost and guided her all through!

Prachi on her wedding day.. She looked really pretty! that you feel like singing Mehndi laga ke rahna..doli saje ke rakhna.

Thats all for this week, friends. We will be back next week so stay tuned as we return with another chatpata evaluation of the Top 3 serials in Telly Buzz' weekly column 'Pick of the Week'!

Author: Nishtha
Contact Author: nishtha

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Comments (11)

Thanks for including my write-up of Kayamath.. :)

16 years ago


Kayamats scene was indeed very touching!

16 years ago

Great Article Nish Di!

I love reading the Style Icon & Blooper of the Week.

16 years ago

Nish, I love the blooper part ! It's hillarious !!
May be the serial makers will take note and keep track.....

16 years ago

I don't like style icon of the week in kasam se.I don't like Ronit Roy's acting.His acting so much irritating in kasam se.I have stoped watching kasam se for his acting.I feel headache when i saw his acting.

16 years ago

Scene for me:The Neev-Prachi one.
Blooper for me:The Amrita one.
Style icon for me:Jhanki Devi

16 years ago

wow!!! all were really good...i liked the KS blooper...i even noticed tht... lets hpe they arent a Pia in the making

16 years ago

Wow!! That was Awesome!! :)
Maddz xxx

16 years ago

gr88 article.
sakshi looked superb in blue.

16 years ago

that's gr8 really liked it but i hhave a suggcan we have this for kumkum too?

16 years ago

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